White Pine Co DA does not have enough information to investigate shooting of wild mare

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    The debate is far from over if the Bureau of Land Management’s roundup of wild horses is abuse.

    Friday’s BLM internal review found no violations, but that could just be the first of many reviews.

    White Pine County District Attorney Kelly Brown says, he “wasn’t able to determine looking at the video where it was shot, when it was shot or what the context really was.” He says he has seen the video, reportedly from the Antelope Complex roundup that’s taking place in White Pine and Elko counties… But, the video alone is not enough for him to take action.

    Brown says, “We only have jurisdiction over matters that happen in White Pine County, and I have nothing to show this was in White Pine County.”

    Deniz Bolbol, a spokesperson for the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is the woman behind the camera. Bolbol is the one who captured the images that has led to numerous questions and investigations. She was not happy with the BLM’s internal investigation clearing the agency and their contractor of any wrong… But, was not surprised.

    “What do you expect? You have to look at who’s on the panel and some folks on the panel are in charge of the roundup.” Bolbol said she would be sending an affidavit to both the DA and Sheriff’s offices in White Pine County, stating the “action took place in White Pine County just below the Elko County line.”

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1 thought on “White Pine Co DA does not have enough information to investigate shooting of wild mare”

  1. Is this for real ?????? I am not surprised either !!!!! These are all time wasting ploys to continue the round ups, what would one expect if the committee is already pre loaded with people who run the round up ,oh please !!!!! It just keeps getting stupider all the time !!!!! Look if these people are on the round up committee , what in the hell are they doing on the review committee, this is the Hugest scam of crap , I have ever seen, Meanwhile our Mustangs still suffer, After Sunday mornings report of the two mustangs a Stallion and a Mare being separated from each other and calling to each other , what a display of raw courage and dedication , it is inhumane and monstrous to do this to them , we are not talking rounding up rats here !!!! at first I cried for them and sobbed for them then I got so angry with the whole BLM thing I could scream…………………………….. What it comes down to is we Have to Make a Stand and it must be a collective stand ,or we are going to lose our Mustangs forever OMG !!!!!


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