BLM Director Makes More Empty Promises

Here’s is what Brooke Boone of MyNews4 Reno reports:

    Controversy has been swirling around how the Bureau of Land Management rounds up wild horses. It’s partly stemming from video and pictures of helicopters buzzing horses. The BLM found no wrong-doing over a controversial incident near Ely. But, it seems they are looking to change their ways. News fours Brooke Boone had an exclusive interview with the man who runs the BLM.

    The U.S. Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey says there are big changes ahead for wild horse and burro management.

    One of those changes, an increase to the number of mares treated with fertility controls from 500 in 2009 to 2,000 a year for the next couple of years.

    The ramp-up in fertilization efforts will allow the agency to roundup fewer horses.

    The goal is to reduce roundup numbers from 10-thousand a year…To 7,600.

    The new approach comes a week after congress approved an amendment to cut the agency’s budget by two million to protest the roundups. Abbey says the reform had nothing to do with congress’ decision.

    Abbey says “The emphasis has always been on gather, removal, holding. It is changing, Now the emphasis is going to be based upon fertility control.”

    Some of the other changes the BLM says it will put in place include: Enhancing humane animal care and handling practices, promoting volunteerism in the management of wild horses, plus improving transparency and openness.

    Abbey says the reform efforts will begin immediately.

Read Brooke Boone’s report here >>

How timely and predictable Abbey’s announcement is. Salazar goes to the table next week asking for more money for the BLM and a meeting where wild horse advocates will be present is being held not long thereafter.

3 thoughts on “BLM Director Makes More Empty Promises”

  1. More horseshit. And how do they figure “only” rounding up 7600 horses per year is going to solve anything? They still have no clue how to take care of the tens of thousands they have in long-term holding without adding to them. And the public/private partnerships-there may be some like Ms. Pickens, if she is ever allowed to proceed, that have the horses’ welfare on mind but what’s to prevent it being just another sale authority set-up where the horses can go out the back door to slaughter? This problem is NOT difficult to fix, if Mr. Abbey and his co-horts were really sincere. There are plenty of honest people out there who have dedicated themselves to learning about the animals and the resources. They need only be honestly consulted and the problems will be solved at great savings to the taxpayers and great improvements for the health and survival of our remaining herds. Fat chance of that ever happening.


  2. Looks like the article in Horseback Magazine re a Congressman letter to an associate say the BLM is sending horses to slaughter got Abbey moving fast. However, I will believe Abbeys’ words when he proves them.


  3. Proven Liars who deliver hollow promises , who act daily with only greed and destruction get no private audience………………


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