Michael Blake and wild horse advocates petition to impeach BLM Director

Rarely used provision allows citizens to initiate the impeachment process

Bob Abbey, Director of the Bureau of Land Management
Wild horse advocates petition for the impeachment of Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey for alleged crimes against America's wild horse and burros. Photo by Mark Wilson / Getty Images North America.

WASHINGTON DC (March 1, 2011) — Wild horse advocates call for the impeachment of federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) director Bob Abbey, based on a little-known—and rarely used—provision in the Rules of the House of Representatives (Jefferson’s Manual, Section LIII, 603) which states that citizens may initiate impeachment charges against “Officers of the United States” through a petition referred to as a “memorial.”

Vivian Grant, president of the Int’l Fund for Horses (IFH), joins with Oscar-winning screenwriter Michael Blake (Dances With Wolves), alleging the BLM under Abbey’s watch has violated the Free-Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971, resulting in fraudulent use of public funds.

“I believe crimes are being committed against our wild horses and burros,” states Grant, “Crimes that must be prosecuted and responsible federal officials removed.”

“After the first Thanksgiving, Indians began to be destroyed,” explains Michael Blake. “In addition to many others, the American Government allowed millions of Wolves and Buffalo to be executed. For more than a hundred years millions of Wild Horses have been devastated forever…all for money. Stopping the incessant removal of life on this small planet could provide humanity with a chance to maintain existence. Stop the killing now!”

Abbey also heads the Mineral Management System (MMS), responsible for federal oversight of oil drilling. He was appointed to the post after the massive three month British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year.

Among the allegations are accusations of abuse during helicopter roundups, excessive removal of wild horses and burros from public lands based on manipulated data calculated to reduce their herds in favor of cattle and the laying of gas pipelines and drilling for minerals.

Article Two, Section 4, of the United States Constitution states that “The President, Vice President, and all Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

All officers of the United States means that Cabinet Secretaries and other federal officials such as BLM Director Bob Abbey may be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives and tried in the Senate, as in the case of Presidential impeachment.

The citizen petition to impeach BLM Director Bob Abbey can be found on the Int’l Fund for Horses website at www.HorseFund.org.

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16 thoughts on “Michael Blake and wild horse advocates petition to impeach BLM Director”

  1. Jane, I suggest you and other international supporters sign every WH&B petition you can find. The U.S. government needs to know the whole world is watching and judging their cruel and irresponsible actions (or inactions!).


    1. Thanks Poor Ginger. I try to sign everything I can and donate when I can. You are so right when you say it is so important for the US to realize the world is looking at them on this issue. The wild ones are sacred to your land as well as others and the sfight to preserve them should be on a global basis!


  2. Dear Jane !!! I am so very happy that you and people from others countries , are taking such a beautiful concern for Americas Wild Mustangs, as a whole America loves its Mustangs so much so The R.O.A.M Act of 1971, we are so ashamed that our Government is so greedy they feel that they can Eradicate , Our most Beautiful Mustangs………. No Matter what they think they can do , we here are Livid about this and are trying everything possible to stop this Travesty…. and Betrayal. although I cannot answer the question you asked I am sure Vivian can…….I just wanted to give to you a Heartfelt Thank You !!!!! It is wonderful to know that you want to help us in our Quest to Free The Wild Mustangs and return them to the Land that we Gave to them for appreciation for all that they have given to us…….. So they may roam free forever, protected from harm………………..


  3. Is there any way to make a significant impact on this so important issue for those of us outside of the U.S. ? Everyone wants and should take part in preserving the wild mustangs and burros of the American west. Compassion and care have no borders.


  4. I have downloaded the Petition of Memorial to impeach BLM Director Bob Abbey.
    Once I have signed the document, what do I do with it? There is no mailing address; do you know where I should send this? Should I photocopy and send to more than one person or address? Thank you.


  5. If need be , we will Impeach them all !!!!!!!!!!! This is the way to express in no uncertain terms that America will not stand for his needless assaults on Our Beloved Wild Mustangs………………….Our pens are also mighty !!!! Bob Abbey is about to find out, and whoever else is in on the Eradication of Our Mustangs……. We will prove we are the VOICE FOR THE HORSE………………………


  6. Thank you, Michael Blake. Your talent obviously extends far beyond making motion epic pictures! Need this cause to go “viral.” Your celebrity, intelligence and dedication can work wonders. Kevin Costner is an avid environmentalist. Can you get him onboard with this? What more can we do to help?


  7. Since this applies to Cabinet Secretaries as well, I’m for an additional petition to impeach SalaCZAR. With Obama’s blessing, he’s promoting countless programs that will literally destroy our country … from previously shining sea to now polluted sea!

    BTW, the DOI/BLM are back in the “Destroy the Grand Canyon” business begun under the CHENEY/Bush “No Wilderness” policy. These corporate enablers have to be STOPPED!


  8. Thank you! This is a brilliant piece of research. At last a legal way to express our displeasure, anger and sadness at this civil servant’s poor management of our National Treasures. Since our President won’t fire him, and he won’t willingly step down, what else can we do? Of course there is Egypt and Libya, but lets try this first. Have downloaded my copies and thank you very much.


  9. The LEAST that should be done to this advocate of wild horse roundups/MURDER. All for the sake of GREED.


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