BLM still not making wild horse sense says John L Smith

John L Smith, blogging for the Las Vegas Review-Journal says:

    You don‘t have to be a Nevada native or a liberal horse hugger to appreciate the unadulterated economic nonsense of the Bureau of Land Management’s hilarious helicopter mustang roundup.

    Boulder City resident Barbara Pennelle writes, “I consider myself a social conservative as well as an animal lover. I am concerned that perhaps some day the only place you might see an American mustang is in a zoo. That would be a real tragedy.”

    Pahrump realtor Paula Callahan scores big points with clients when she escorts them from Las Vegas through the Red Rock National Conservation Area and over the hill to her favorite small town. The burros she sometimes sees are great, but the wild horses have been removed.

    “For 15 years I have lived and hiked all over this area, and only once did I see any wild horses,” she says. “… Bet it would be hard to find very many taxpayers who would agree to spend this money on the roundups. In fact, I seldom meet anyone who is for the roundups.”

    Outside the ranching and horse slaughter community, that is. Nevada ranchers have long advocated for the horses’ removal from their federally leased cattle and sheep grazing land. The desert grasses and water sources are sparse, the ranchers argue, and the wild horses are competition, but aren’t native to the area. (Frankly, the cattle, sheep, and ranchers aren’t native, either.)

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