Anti-Wild Horse Bill Passes Nevada Senate Committee

Cross-posted from I-Team Report, KLAS TV CBS Ch. 8 Las Vegas

Nevada Quarter features Wild Horses
If anti-Mustang decimation campaigns continue, the only wild horses in Nevada will be the ones on the back of this Quarter. Go ahead and take their image off now. Replace it with the sun setting on some cattle patties. More apt wouldn't you say?

LAS VEGAS — With all the financial trouble Nevada is in, you might think state lawmakers would welcome a project that will bring millions of dollars to the state and attract tourists from around the world.

But a panel in the Nevada State Senate has turned thumbs down to a planned wild horse sanctuary without even hearing from the investors who are backing it.

Senate Joint Resolution 5, which was rubber stamped by the Senate Natural Resources Committee, has no power to do anything about wild horses, as the state has no say over what happens on federal, Bureau of Land Management controlled land.

But the resolution could be a huge problem for a proposed horse sanctuary that is already creating jobs and economic benefits. If the bill moves forward, it would tell the BLM and the world that Nevada likes the wild horse situation just as it is. Get more of the story and view video >>

Contact Senator Mark Manendo, the chairman of Senate Natural Resources Committee, to voice your opinion. He can be reached at (775) 684-6503 or by email. You can also contact Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton, the chairperson of the Natural Resources Committee, at (775) 684-8597 or by email.

Note: You can pretty much say what you want here. However, if you choose to contact officials or lawmakers, please be polite. Rudeness, threats and insults ensures that the listener stops listening.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Wild Horse Bill Passes Nevada Senate Committee”



  2. Fact: Out of 5 designs submitted for the Nevada state quarter, 32% of about 60,000 votes cast were for “Morning in Nevada” – the design with the wild horses. 14% of that 32% were from children – the FUTURE of Nevada. Some adults scoffed that the kids voted for the horses, because they like animals. What’s not to like? Even the State Treasurer praised the design!

    From the article:

    Wild horse advocate Jerry Reynoldson said, “It is a big deal because I think it sends the message that there are a lot of people in Nevada that care about the wild horses.”

    For Jerry Reynoldson, this decision sends a positive message to the rest of the country as local lawmakers fight for money to protect the animals. “I view these things as building blocks in our efforts to try and generate futher support to protect the horses. Hopefully now that Nevadans have said we love these horses and we want them on the quarter, others will say, ‘Wow, maybe we’re missing something here.’ And it will draw the kind of attention that it needs for us to take steps forward.”

    “Wow, maybe we’re missing something here.” Da ya think?


  3. After all the work fighting the Federals – now we have to fight the idiots in Carson City. Good God, when will they open thier eyes. This should never be an issue with the State. This will be both jobs for Nevadans and tourists to Nevada from all over the World. These Wild Horses are a symbol of Nevada as indicated on our State Quarter shown above. I cannot believe this bill was ever introduced. It can only mean that the Rolex cattle ranchers bought thier way into the State government as they did with the Feds. I will be calling and e-mailing my legislators in Carson City – you can bet on it and everyone else out there should as well.


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