Thoroughbred Thursday News: Paragallo, Dutrow, Zenyatta and Peppers Pride

Ernie Paragallo Receives Lifetime Racing Ban

MATT HEGARTY writing for the The Daily Racing Form reports:

Owner and breeder Ernie Paragallo received a lifetime ban Thursday from the New York State Racing and Wagering Board. Paragallo was barred from all racetrack properties in the state, citing his conviction last year on 33 counts of animal cruelty charges.

The ban was issued the same day that a New York appellate judge rejected Paragallo’s appeal of the 2010 conviction, a decision that will likely require Paragallo to return to an upstate New York jail cell.

The ban issued by the New York board will prevent Paragallo from obtaining any license from the board and will, at the very least, complicate any effort Paragallo may make to obtain a license in any other racing jurisdiction. Typically, racing commissions honor disciplinary rulings made in other states.

In addition, Paragallo will be prohibited from the grounds of any racetrack in the state, “even as a patron,” said Joe Mahoney, a spokesman for the board. Read more >>

Appear to Get a License, Kentucky Tells Dutrow

RON MITCHELL writing for BloodHorse reports:

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has notified trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. that he must appear before the regulatory agency’s License Review Committee before the commission will consider his license application.

In the certified letter to Dutrow, director of licensing Chris Clark said it was his “understanding” that Dutrow was planning to apply for a 2011 Kentucky license. Clark told Dutrow in the letter that the License Review Committee does not have a meeting scheduled but that he would be in touch with the trainer about scheduling a meeting when, and if, Dutrow submitted a license application and required payment.

Kentucky licenses are renewed on an annual basis and Dutrow is currently not licensed in the state. Read more >>

Racing Commissioners International, the organization behind the exciting notion of phasing drugs out of American horse racing, stated in a February 17, 2011 press release regarding Dutrow’s application for a New York license:

“In reviewing Mr. Dutrow’s career in racing you will find a variety of violations that need to be assessed in determining whether there is pattern of disregard for the rules sufficient to take action on his racing license,” Martin wrote.

“In addition to numerous violations of the drug rules pertaining to phenylbutazone, clenbuterol, and mepivacaine, there are violations concerning failure to adhere to licensing requirements, entering ineligible horses, conduct detrimental to racing involving false or misleading statements, as well as a variety of violations concerning failure to file proper documentation consistent with the rules,” he said.

Read full release >>

Peppers Pride Foal
Peppers Pride Foal

Zenyatta No Longer in Foal But Pepper’s Pride Delivers

Peppers Pride, who co-owns the modern-day American record for consecutive wins at 19 with 2010 Horse of the Year Zenyatta, delivered a chestnut filly by champion sire Distorted Humor on February 29th, 2011.

An earner of $1,066,085, Peppers Pride is owned by Joe Allen of Abilene, Texas, along with Michael Stinson of Fort Worth, Texas, and is boarded at Taylor Made Farm in Nicholasville, Kentucky.

The mare has been bred back to Distorted Humor.

Source: Press Release

Champion mare Zenyatta is no longer in foal, Lane’s End Farm confirmed Tuesday after her 35-day check.

Lane’s End, where Zenyatta is boarded, said the 7-year-old daughter of Street Cry was in good order physically and will be bred back to Darley stallion Bernardini in about a week.

Read more about Thoroughbred breeding in Jane Allin’s report, “Breeding by the Numbers“, here on Tuesday’s Horse.

3 thoughts on “Thoroughbred Thursday News: Paragallo, Dutrow, Zenyatta and Peppers Pride”

  1. I too hope they don’t over breed Zenyatta. I do not believe that is the way to get a good race horse. She is a wonderful, beautiful horse and deserves the best life retirement can bring.

    Dutrow should be banned from every horse racing facility and in every state and should be banned from even being around horse or any animal for that matter. He should be sharing a cell with Paragallo.

    Congratulations to Pepper Pride. I too love to see the horses race, but what I don’t condone is breeding them so that they have spindly legs that can take the tremendous pounding that racing takes. Breed them for bigger bones and more muscle. They are beautiful animals. I can only hope that racing provides much stricter rules and breeding as well as gets ride of the dope.


  2. I am actually glad Zenyatta is not in foal.

    Personally I wish that the Mosses would not breed her to death. Wishful thinking I guess but I can’t bear the thought of these poor horses continuously in foal for the greed and the money lining the pockets of the already rich and famous. Maybe they won’t as they have shown themselves to be responsible and not the norm.

    The racing industry has changed for the worse over time and these horses are at the mercy of a most uncaring syndicate of insatiable lust for profit at the expense of the Thoroughbred.

    The horses mean nothing today really…they are disposable in the eyes of many as is clear from the slaughter statistics

    I love racing…the way it used to be. There is nothing more exhilarating than watching the power and beauty of these creatures on the track. Yes I am guilty, I still love racing and I am very ashamed and you can condemn me, but the lure and excitement of the race is something that is like a fever when it captures you – it seems you can’t let go – it is not for the money, betting or pomp and circumstance, rather it is the love for the horse in all their glory and beauty.

    I don’t condone or promote what is happening but I still love to see them run. At the same time I will fight for reform and if that fails then I will support the total ban of the racing industry. And yes, it is probably already beyond repair. How sad.


  3. Congrats to Peppers pride , Sorry for Z s loss……………………………. As far as Ernie Paragallo he got what he deserved, Bravo New York this is what Im talking about , Thank You for banning him from New York Racing, I say the punishment fits the Crime !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in this case……………………….. This is a beginning !!!!!


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