KHRC Committee Denies Dutrow’s License

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The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission’s license review committee voted unanimously April 13 to revoke trainer Rick Dutrow’s license.

The action came after a one-hour hearing before the committee in which Dutrow was questioned about the lengthy list of violations on his record and inconsistencies in his license applications this year and in previous years.

In his defense, Dutrow said most of the drug-related offenses on his record were due to overages of therapeutic medications. He said any misinformation on his license applications were not intentional but were due to the fact others completed the paperwork for him, and he just signed it.

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2 thoughts on “KHRC Committee Denies Dutrow’s License”

  1. Wow , now there talking , this should have been done a long time ago, definetly a big step in the right direction, show them that this kind of horse training is not acceptable…………….


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