Take action on horse racing legislation and slaughter


“Today over 99% of Thoroughbred racehorses and 70% of Standardbred racehorses have a needle stuck in them four hours before a race.”

H.R. 1733, introduced by Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-KY) and S. 886, introduced by Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM), prohibits the use of performance-enhancing drugs in horse racing.

The misuse of drugs in horse racing leads to unsound horses, catastrophic injuries and death, and addicted horses making it even most costly and difficult to rehabilitate and find them new homes and second careers if they do survive the track.


Support H.R. 1733 and S. 886.

Ask your U.S. Representative in Washington to co-sponsor and vote yes for H.R. 1733.

Ask your two Senators in Washington to co-sponsor and vote yes for S. 886.

Contact Your Representative >>

Contact Your Senators >>

Please be sure to identify yourself as a constituent by including your contact information, and always ask for a response.

See Letter to Congress from Industry Leaders in support of this legislation.

For further information on racing cruelties, see our Horse Racing Fact Sheet on our website.


It is estimated that 10,000 racehorses meet a brutal and terrifying end in a slaughterhouse each year. Join us in the battle to end horse slaughter for human consumption to protect all horses from this grisly end.

Both the U.S. Congress and the Canadian Parliament have failed to pass legislation to ban horse slaughter. However, we have a great opportunity to get a ban on the import of North American horse meat. However, the appropriate steps must be taken.

Right now we are urging the EU to conduct inspections of EU regulated plants in Canada. The Canadian horse slaughter plants will fail, as the plants in Mexico recently did.

Mexican plants that failed to comply with EU regulations are not allowed to export horse meat and thereby cannot slaughter horses until they clean up their act. This will be time consuming and costly, impacting profits.

The same will happen in Canada. Additionally, we will have an even stronger foundation to persuade the EU to ban the import of North American horse meat altogether.

Please support our work with a donation for lobbying expenses, and campaigns alerting the public about toxins in horse meat in EU countries where it is eaten. This combination of efforts is working.

How you can help for FREE.

Email this page to family, friends and colleagues. Like and share posts on Tuesday’s Horse and pages on our website to raise their visibility and spread the word. All it takes is a simple click!

Thank you everyone for your gracious support for the horses.

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