BLM plans to remove 1,225 horses from Wyoming this summer

The BLM has released its Environmental Assessment for the Great Divide Basin Area which is a wild horse management area near Rock Springs, Wyoming. The BLM estimates that there are currently 1700 horses in this area, and they plan to remove 1225 wild horses this summer.

Please send comments about the destruction of yet another Wyoming herd:

Here is the link to the documents:

Here is the mailing address and email address that comments need to be sent to by June 20:

Great Divide Basin Scoping Comments
BLM Rock Springs Field Office
280 Highway 191 North
Rock Springs, WY 82901
(Please list “Divide Basin EA Comments” in the subject line.)

Message to Oprah: We are not ready to say Goodbye to Our Wild Horses

We know many of you have seen images and videos of cruelty and abuse in BLM conducted roundups over the years, and do not need a reminder. However, this video showcases one after another in a way that is very impactful.

You can leave a comment for the Oprah Winfrey Show at:

5 thoughts on “BLM plans to remove 1,225 horses from Wyoming this summer”

  1. Wish the BLM people would DROP DEAD. That seems to be the only way their cruel treatment of our wild horses will stop.


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