Romanian Police to stop horse slaughter trucks

The Associated Press reports:
Flag of Romania
BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) Police in Romania said Friday they will stop trucks transporting 50 wild horses to slaughter as part of an investigation into a case that has outraged animal protection groups.

Authorities in eastern Romania ordered the slaughter, saying the abandoned horses are destroying the Letea forest in the Danube Delta. They say there are 2,000 that are endangering the ecosystem.

Animal protection police official Emilian Prodan told reporters he would ask traffic police to stop trucks transporting the horses to a slaughterhouse in northwest Romania.

Grigore Baboianu, a government official in the delta said Thursday that horses eat rare species of orchids and other plants.

Newspapers reported Friday the horses’ meat will end up in Italian salami. The Vier Pfoten animal rights group has protested.

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2 thoughts on “Romanian Police to stop horse slaughter trucks”

  1. As a horse lover and animal lover, my family are disgusted, about the tragedy of the horses, mares and foals…. it has to stop the way Romania treat their animals, life is cheap in Romania, animals are nothing to them, they have a heart beat, they have a brain they suffer pain, my god they suffer pain, they suffer stress….. those who did this will get their Karma, and i pray they do… they should be inprisioned …. We hope that the horses get justice….


  2. This is exactly what should be happening. Let’s hope other countries take their cue from this.


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