SFPD to honor two horses Saturday in retirement ceremony

A special retirement ceremony is planned Saturday for two four-footed members of the San Francisco Police Department.

Retiring SFPD horse Hawk
Retiring SFPD horse Hawk will be honored Saturday in a special ceremony at Department stables. Image SFist.

Hawk, a 25-year-old American Quarter Horse who started with SFPD in 1998, and Hunter, an 18-year-old American Quarter Horse who came to SFPD in 2004, will spend their golden years at SF SPCA’s 40-acre Police Horse Retirement Ranch in Sonoma County amidst lush pastures and refreshing cooling ponds.

The retirement ceremony begins at 9 a.m. on the 28th and will be held at the SFPD Horse Stables on James Bloesch Road (located near 36th Avenue and JFK Road) in Golden Gate Park.

Source: SFPD Media Release

4 thoughts on “SFPD to honor two horses Saturday in retirement ceremony”

  1. They are great ambassadors for all horses, and often the only interaction people get to have with horses anymore. How important their work and outreach is. Enjoy your retirement, Hawk and Hunter.


  2. This brings back fond memories. I boarded my TB at the stables right behind the Police stables. It is a beautiful spot in the park – trees everywhere. The police horses were always standing at the playgroound – where we could politely pet them (when I was much younger).

    These memories of the special aura and regard the horses projected is one of my motivating forces !


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