Royal Marines help round up feral horses (UK)

Feral Horses Moray
Feral Horses Moray

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The Royal Marines were involved in helping to round up almost 100 semi-feral horses on a remote farm at Dallas in Morayshire in a major operation co-ordinated by the charity World Horse Welfare.

It was the charity’s biggest and most unusual project and also involved vets from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and the armed forces charity, Horseback UK.

The operation was organised after an elderly farmer contacted World Horse Welfare as he was concerned about his Highland-type horses and ponies and realised help was needed to rescue them.

The animals were in danger of becoming serious welfare cases.

The herd, made up of stallions, mares and foals had been increasing in size for many years due to uncontrolled breeding.

The 1,000 acres of grassland, forest and scrub land could not sustain them adequately. Continue reading >>

The horses are expected to be sold at auction to recoup part of the expenses.

World Horse Welfare do not work to eliminate horse slaughter in the UK, preferring instead to work on improving welfare standards in transport to slaughter.

See BBC News Scotland video report >>

1 thought on “Royal Marines help round up feral horses (UK)”

  1. They should be ashamed to claim that they do not prevent horses from being slaughtered for food.


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