Buck: Buck Brannaman’s horse sense

Ever wonder who inspired Robert Redford’s movie, “The Horse Whisperer”? If you do not know the answer, I bet you will recognize the name. Buck Brannaman.

A Sundance Film documentary on Brannaman’s life and unrivalled skills with horses is showing in New York and Los Angeles.

Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times Film Critic, has written a terrific review of the film. Below I give you a teaser and a trailer. But please follow the link and read the entire article.

Perhaps the most prominent advocate of what is known as natural horsemanship, Brannaman likes to say that though he’s hired to help with a person’s horse problems, he ends up dealing with a horse’s people problems. His goal is to ease the path between owner and horse, to look at situations from the horse’s point of view and “make the wrong thing difficult and the right thing easy.”

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    There’s an even more extensive article in the New York Times, written by David Carr.


    Learn more about Buck Brannaman at his website:

    1 thought on “Buck: Buck Brannaman’s horse sense”

    1. BUCK, will be shown at the Rafael Theater in San Rafael Calif. June 24th!
      Looks like a great film.Wish they gave CME’s(Continuing Medical Education) credits, I know lots of health care professionals who could benefit from it, myself included!


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