Horse Slaughter Sue: Inept, a liar or simply an inept liar?

No one takes on Horse Slaughter Sue better than R. T. Fitch of Straight from the Horse’s Heart, or his great colleague John Holland of the Equine Welfare Alliance.

In R.T.’s latest post, he and Holland address the latest fabrications contained in emails sent out over the past weekend to her followers, saying she has documented proof that horse meat has no harmful drug residues.

This so-called proof totally contradicts what Sue claims it supports.

Holland opens his remarks with:

In reading the links cited by Ms. Wallis, I must come to one of the following conclusions; either she does not read the links she provides, or she thinks we will not read them, or she does not understand what she reads. It is of course possible that all three are true.

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2 thoughts on “Horse Slaughter Sue: Inept, a liar or simply an inept liar?”

  1. I do not understand what the payoff is for her. Money always seems to the biggest motivator for people like this. I find it difficult to believe that she feels that strongly, personally, about the slaughter and destruction of horses. Horse slaughter, and wild horses roaming on public lands, are no cultural or lifestyle threat to her. Neither is horse tripping, but she stuck her nose in that too.

    It she sees them as such, then she is indeed mislead or imbalanced in her thinking. Or perhaps she hates horses. Now that is a scary person.

    And all of this has to be a full time occupation for her, and makes one wonder how she does her “real” job which is represent her constituency on issues that matter to them.

    No doubt she feels fully justified and thinks horses are going to overrun her life if she doesn’t kill as many as she can.


  2. My vote is for inept, liar extraordinaire.

    An individual with no compassion and an irresponsible attitude that likes the sound of her own voice. What people will do to get noticed is beyond my comprehension – how shallow.

    Like begets like and she seems very absorbed with herself so there you go. She is the center of her own Universe, however twisted it may be.

    I’d rather listen to a monotonous bore than her. At least that would be harmless. She is the epitome in life of what is not good.


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