Campaigners call on BHA to be stripped of regulatory role over racehorse deaths

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Cross-posted from The Southern Reporter
Published June 19, 2011

ANIMAL welfare campaigners have called on the British Horseracing Authority to be stripped of its responsibility for the well-being of racehorses due to the number of animals being killed on British racecourses such as the one at Kelso.

Since the launch of Animal Aid’s Racehorse Deathwatch website just over four years ago, more than 700 horses have been killed on UK racecourses.

Campaigners claim fatalities are occurring at an average rate of one every other day on the country’s 60 racecourses.

In a statement, Animal Aid said the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), had shown itself to be incapable of tackling the problems that beset the industry.

“It’s time for the government to strip the BHA of its role as the industry’s regulator, and to undertake and put into the public domain a full audit of race horse production, death and injury,” said the organisation.

Asked about fatalities at Kelso since its monitoring of racehorse deaths began just over four years ago, Animal Aid sent The Southern the names of 12 horses which had either dropped dead or fallen and had to be destroyed as a result of their injuries during race meetings at Kelso.

Of these 12 horses, Animal Aid says four dropped dead, two were fatally injured, three suffered broken legs, one had a fatal fall, one had a heart attack and one finished lame and subsequently had to be destroyed.

As well as the 12 deaths at Kelso since March 2007, there was one fatality at Hamilton, 15 at Perth, 11 at Musselburgh and 14 at Ayr.

Animal Aid’s horseracing consultant, Dene Stansall told The Southern that Kelso was around average on the list of racecourse fatalities. Read more >>

1 thought on “Campaigners call on BHA to be stripped of regulatory role over racehorse deaths”

  1. I hate horse racing; this is a far cry from “sport.” The daunting races (and race courses) in Great Britain are death traps. Why is there not an uproar about this intentional race to injury and death of race horses – for entertainment?!? Shame on the BHA.


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