Slaughter horses rejected at Mexican border: Animals’ Angels Report


Animals’ Angels recently investigated the Morton, Texas Feedlot and two export holding pens in Del Rio, Texas and Eagle Pass, Texas.

During this investigation Animals’ Angels found that horses rejected at the border are not provided food, water or rest but are immediately reloaded for the kill buyer to take away. In some cases, horses go without food or water for 25+ hours by the time they are returned by the shipper.

No accountability and no systems are in place for refused horses at the export pens. Animals’ Angels found no records of the export pen operators or the Beltex feedlot operator reporting cases of unfit horses to APHIS or to local law enforcement. Rejected horses are not monitored or linked to their shippers since APHIS does not maintain a database to trace slaughter tags of individual horses.

Animals’ Angels’ observations also confirmed that only horses that spend the night at the export pens receive any food. In many cases, horses that go to slaughter arrive at the pens in the morning from locations as far as 12+ hours away, remain at the pens for 6-8 hours, are loaded back on the trailer and then face another 17 hour transport to the plants. Many horses are without food for 35 hours by the time they finally arrive at the slaughter plant.

Investigations further revealed that at all pens operated by the Texas Department of Agriculture, state employees habitually allowed the use of trailers that are a deadly risk to horses. Animal Angels’ observed trailers with large holes in the metal sides capable of terrible injuries such as the off of feet and legs. There were trailers with gaps and holes in roofs capable of puncturing eyes and even decapitation and exposed nails and broken flooring. They additionally discovered many open roof trailers with no protection from wind or sun during the 17-hour transport.


All Photos Courtesy © Animals’ Angels USA
Warning: Contains Disturbing Images

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Animals’ Angels are sharing these findings with USDA/APHIS and the Texas Department of Agriculture with a list of suggestions urging them to improve these unacceptable conditions.


Contact the following and urge them to take immediate action on the cruelties exposed in this Animals’ Angels investigation.

Jon Garza – Director, Livestock Exports, Texas Department of Agriculture
PHONE: 512-463-6098, EMAIL:

Doyle Fuchs – Livestock Specialist, Texas Department of Agriculture
PHONE: 512-463-7628, EMAIL:

Joey Astling – Compliance Specialist – USDA/APHIS Equine Transportation Program
PHONE: 301-734-5324, EMAIL:

Dr. Paul G. Egrie – Farm Animal Welfare VMO – USDA/APHIS
PHONE: 301-734-0695 , EMAIL:

If you wish to send a single communication to all of these contacts, here are all four emails:,,,


Take action today. Contact both of your Senators. See Action Alert for further information >>

6 thoughts on “Slaughter horses rejected at Mexican border: Animals’ Angels Report”

  1. I am going to ask this question , dont want to hear the answer but I must , when the horses are rejected at the border and returned to the kill buyers , what do they do with them????? OMG? tomorrow my computer is going to be smokin !!!!! and begging for mercy on this …………………………. this is so out of hand is there any end to their suffering? for these beauties………….. This war my Friends……………………….


  2. Be sure to tell our Police, Sheriffs, State Troopers, Texas Rangers and Game Wardens that’s it okay to ignore the Mexicans and they are there in Mexico who shooting at law enforcement to stop and protect horses. It’s the very nature that God made man dominion over animals. My guess is law enforcement are extremely busy so you can come down here and fight these illegals off and then law enforcement can go get your horses. Think about it these horses are at an APHIS station so why can’t the Feds do there job well it’s call to much area and to little help. The people feeding these are the buyers not government agencies. Why don’t you grow a pair and go face to face instead of getting some one else to do your job. Your breaking the law if your accepting donations for this and then spending this money on something else. The IRS just puished a list of 275,000 mon profits who are illegally claiming nonprofit status. From not filing taxes or paying taxes or misuse of funds. Be careful an audit doesn’t find you in the wrong. And why did Animal Angels leave Presido area? The answer is the mexicans game them a warning and I have the names and when. These people need to careful it’s dangerous down on the borders.


    1. Not sure I get your drift here Ray.

      So you’re saying that laws against cruelty to horses should be ignored ? That it is the average citizen that should enforce them?

      I also don’t get where you came up with misappropriation of donations?

      Glad that you have those names and when – maybe you should use them to do some good.


  3. But every state has cruelty laws. Wouldn’t the cruelty laws hold no matter what other laws may layer over any situation. The laws of every state outlaw not providing feed, water or shelter. Laws also prohibit neglect, such as injuries or diease. What more does a lawful society have to do. It is a matter of LAW ENFORCEMENT and forcing enforcement, such as what pressure it took to get Sugarcreek, OH to face and deal with their cruel auction – thanks to the persistent attention of Animals Angels.

    We must demand sheriff, police on local levels as well as federal enforcement deal with protecting the animals.

    I will be sending emails again to these contacts. I think we all should.


  4. We have investigated many times. The U. S. Government has told us that since these animals leave U. S. control they have no authority on transportation. Until the laws are “specific” as to “types and condition of carriers vechicles” the U. S. D. A., APHIS and others have no control over “how” and “condition” these horses are moved. It sounds like someone wants to control Mexico from this side of the border. Mexico is a “foreign country” and no U.S. law can stop them from anything cause if they could they would stop the violance and killing of people and drugs. Several groups have been ran off by the slaughter buyers and threaten but these groups only sit back further and throw feathers in the wind. Until the laws are tighten here and controlled here what do you think fedral government workers are going to except draw there paycheck.


    1. From my understanding, Ray, these are horses on the way to slaughter in Mexico, and the transport and feedlot cruelties were committed on Texas soil. My thoughts are no matter how tight the laws, these horses are considered dead meat, so why give them any consideration. How tragic for these horses who have done nothing wrong just ended up homeless, thrown out like yesterday’s garbage. It is a sad indictment that we treat animals this way. Judgment may not come to the people committing these crimes against the innocent now, but no doubt it will come.


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