Support S.1176 with Congressional Constituent Service POPVOX

Go to POPVOX Now re S1176

There is a powerful new platform service connecting constituents with Congress that recently came to our attention called POPVOX.

When investigating it, we noticed that the top trending bill of the week is S.1176, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011.

There was only one organization registered for or against S.1176 — Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis’s the United Organizations of the Horse — who predictably registered themselves as an opposing organization, citing the usual unfounded and exaggerated arguments for horse slaughter.

We quickly remedied that and are now the first organization endorsing S.1176.

Please visit this link and click support for S.1176. You will then be taken to a page where you can contact your U.S. Senators.

You must register, but have the easy option of logging in several ways, including your Facebook or Twitter account.

You can choose to either send your vote of support of S.1176 to your Senators with or without comments.

If you want to send comments, I gently suggest you prepare them beforehand so you can just copy and paste. This will make the process quick and easy for you.

Let’s show Congress just how many Americans support a national law banning horse slaughter, once and for all.

Thanks everyone.

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1 thought on “Support S.1176 with Congressional Constituent Service POPVOX”

  1. This is a wonderful post. Thank you. I did already post a comment when I saw Sue Wallis pushing it to her followers. I am SO glad you went in as an organization. Thank you. I hope everyone does go and vote in support and write polite notes to enlighten and debunk the points used by pro-slaughter. This site, if it functions as promised, is finally a way to get our voices to Congress – and no form letters. I did want to say though that I did compose and paste my letter but it would not post. I had to type it into the box. Just a heads up. I figured that out after trying to post three times and it never showed up. Then I typed it in and voila! May not happen to everyone. Just check back and make sure your comment and vote is there. Push to get this bill passed into law. Push!


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