BLM steps back on wild horse spaying in upcoming Wyoming roundup

Trio of Wild Horses of Wyoming by Mark Kirkland
Trio of Wild Horses of Wyoming (by Mark Kirkland

The Associated Press Reports:
Written by MEAD GRUVER

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is stepping back from plans to spay mares to limit the growth of a wild horse herd in western Wyoming.

The spaying would have been a first for the BLM in the West and was announced last week by Lance Porter, manager of the Rock Springs Field Office.

BLM officials said Monday they reconsidered and decided they don’t have enough time to prepare for spaying ahead of a roundup set for mid-August through early September.

“To do that we would need a research proposal, since it hasn’t been done before. And the research proposal wouldn’t be done in time,” BLM Wyoming spokeswoman Cindy Wertz said.

Some 1,000 wild horses make up the herd that ranges between Rock Springs and La Barge, a 60-mile-wide swatch of rolling sagebrush country in western Wyoming. The BLM’s goal population is no more than 400 horses in the herd.

The BLM plans to round up as many of the horses as possible and remove about 700 from the range through adoption, sale and sending them to long-term holding sites. All males returned to the range will be gelded.

The original plan was to spay all females before returning them to the range. The plan now is to return mares to the range without any treatment to inhibit their ability to reproduce. Continue reading >>

6 thoughts on “BLM steps back on wild horse spaying in upcoming Wyoming roundup”

  1. So why would they geld the stallions in the wild – Same as spaying the mares? And dangerous to the health of the horses in the wild. This does indeed violate the law which requires “self sustaining herds” You cannot insert a Stallion from another herd into a family. He would not be accepted. These horses form families/herds which should be left in tact. What the BLM is doing is criminal


  2. Not spaying the mares (temporarily) is good news, but I bet they’ll PZP-22 (or whatever new, longer-lasting”cocktail” they’ve come up with!) ALL of them. Gelding all the stallions they do round up will mean the end of functioning herds on these HMAs, and the end of their unique gene pools. Maintaining genetics was once the WH & BP’s concern (sort of, especially with the Spanish Colonials). Effectively, Salazar and his minions have found a way to set up non-reproducing “preserves” equivalent to long-term holding … without buying any land!

    How does this square with a recent EA?
    “2.5 Alternatives Considered But DISMISSED From Detailed Analysis
    “2.5.3 Release of gelded horses back into the HMA as a means of reducing population growth.
    “Alternative was dismissed because it would not be in conformance with BLM H-4700-1 Wild Horses and Burros Management Handbook section where it should be considered only in HMAs with large AMLs.”
    (So 205, and freakin’ 69 [on 630,759 acres!] is now the standard for a large AML!?!)
    “Gelded horses would not address wild horse objectives to increase genetic diversity .”
    (Wyoming won’t have to worry about genetic diversity for long. There won’t be any genes to diversify!)

    In the law, almost everything is based on precedent. When (not IF) the study is completed and the FIRST time it’s implemented, it will become the “new normal” … and our Mustangs will disappear even faster than we had feared.

    Spaying and gelding for return should never be part of the alternatives at any time in the future. It violates the WH & BP’s own goals. But, since they made up those goals in the first place, I don’t imagine radicially altering them would be much of a concern.

    One more thing. I’ve noticed the advocate groups have become increasingly splintered. It’s way past time to set all petty bickering aside. I don’t care who’s at odds with whom … or why. If people don’t put the wild ones ahead of their personal differences, IMO, they’d best sit down and shut up!


  3. Marybeth, I agree , what needs to happen is to stop the round up completely none has ever been needed…………………. There is no concession they are giving they still get zero out by gelding the stallions, with their archaic methods too many will die from infections, these people have got to be stopped, no foals come from gelded stallions or dead ones………………………. This horror needs to stop and stop now…………………This is a totally unneeded unwanted round up and by the way where did they get the money to do this round up anyway????? The BLM time of lies, and maiming and murdering helpless Wild Mustangs and their foals and wasting tax dollars must be over and over now, FLOOD OBAMAS FAX MACHINES < JAM THE COMMENT PHONE LINES,EMAIL until the email is JAMMED, THIS WILL TAKE An all out effort from everyone……….TODAY IS THAT DAY !!!! Their is very little time left we must use it wisely ,we can to end this ……………….


  4. Marybeth, I agree , what needs to happen is to stop the round up completely none has ever been needed………………….


  5. Gelding the males still results in a non-reproducing herd. Gelding is absolute irrevocable sterilization, unlike PZP-22, which is merely probable irrevocable sterilization. In each case, most of the herd will be affected, since the plan is to skew the sex ratio 66 percent males, 34 percent females per the numbers, actually higher than the 60:40 ratio BLM claims. The White Mountain and Little Colorado herds will be on their way to extinction if BLM is allowed to carry out its plan, which was treacherously announced after misleading the public as to the real intentions of the BLM. This modification is a minor concession.


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