Real life war horse Sgt Reckless was made SSgt twice by the Marines.

Sgt. Reckless: A Great American Hero

Here is a video about a warrior you may never have heard about.

Sgt. Reckless was a Korean War veteran of a different kind. She was a Marine with the 5th Marines Recoilless Rifle Co. SSgt. Reckless was wounded twice in action and went through some of the toughest campaigns of that war.

Reckless was an American icon at the time of the Korean War, but is, sadly, unknown today. There will never be another story like this one.


By Dan Doyle, from the Veterans website >>

Sgt. Reckless has her own website too >>

2 thoughts on “Sgt. Reckless: A Great American Hero”

  1. Thank you Vivian. For anyone who doubts this story, I have the Marine Magazine from 1985 that the story was printed in. My husband was a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps going through Instructor School in Millington, Tennessee, in the Summer of 1985. One of his assignments was to prepare a public speaking talk on any subject of his choosing to make sure that he wouldn’t have any trouble teaching a class on Helicopter Mechanics. He had no idea what he was going to do his topic on. As I have horses, I could have given him a hundred different things to speak on, but they really aren’t his “cup of tea.” Then one day as we were walking through the Exchange, I saw this story on the cover of The Marine Magazine, “Reckless a Marine Hero”. So, I bought the magazine and read the story and I told him that he needed to read it for himself. He read it and was so taken with the story, he chose it for his public speaking talk. I recommend that anyone who loves horses or even if you don’t but are affiliated with the military in any way, you need to read this story!! Reckless was truly a hero!


    1. Thank you so much Tracie, for sharing your comments with us. Horses are incredible, and just when you think you have an understanding of all that they give, you read something like this. I am happy to see there is a Sgt. Reckless website (link in the post above). If anyone has anything, memories, stories, memorabilia, pictures, to share, these folks would love to hear from you.


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