Wild Horses: What will you do?

This is the long version from which our 30 second and 60 second public service announcements and paid media spots were produced that aired the first part of 2011.

In spite of this public awareness campaign and citizen outcry that followed, the Bureau of Land Management, under the direction of the Obama Administration, continues to destroy America’s wild horses and burros at an accelerated pace.

The BLM also continues to lie to the American public, promising time and again they would use birth control to control herd numbers in lieu of roundups.

The “new normal” for the BLM is to use both to conclude their Mission of Mass Destruction of America’s Wild Horses & Burros by the end of Obama’s last year in office.

Although wild horses and burros have suffered under every President since Ronald Reagan, at no time in their history have our wild equines been systematically eradicated from the American landscape as with the Obama regime.

We are using this version of the video to kick start a series of summer campaigns against wild horse roundups and the decimation of our American herds.

Please note that at the end of the broadcast videos, credit was given to the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, Elyse Gardner, Terry Fitch and Craig Downer, for use of their images. Music written and recorded by Kevin MacLeod.


Thank you to everyone who donated to make the airing of the 30 and 60 second segments of “Wild Horses: What Will You Do?” possible.

4 thoughts on “Wild Horses: What will you do?”

  1. It is a shame and a disgrace to America that these massive roundups continue. The enemies of the wild horses are in the positions fo authority and they are as smug as all get out!


  2. Need to add phone numbers and a script for some people to use in making the phone calls. We need to make it a easy as possible for people to add thier voice to save the Wild Horses. Other than that, I might have used some more grafic pictures of the animals who died, especially the foal that was hog tied and forgotten when they finally remembered to go back to look for him. Need more sound of the helicopters and pictures of when they got so close to horses we feared for their safety from the helicopter blades. Also need to be more detailed in how much these roundup cost and how little it would cost to just leave the horses alone as natiure intended.


    1. Hey, Elizabeth. Thank you for the input. This was not meant to be a documentary. Just something short and sharp to raise awareness. It was successful in doing that. This is actually the long version! We only had 30 second and 60 second spots available. Mainstream stations and media outlets would not allow us to use images any more graphic than the ones we have. Plus there are already loads of videos on YouTube and elsewhere that are longer and detailed as you suggest. The one Madeleine Pickens did aimed at Oprah is an excellent example.


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