Advocates ask Congress to stop dangerous Kiger Mustang roundup in Oregon

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Advocates ask Congress to stop the roundup and save treasured mustangs

THE CLOUD FOUNDATION has issued the following Press Release:

PORTLAND, Ore. (June 30, 2011) — The Cloud Foundation opposes the Kiger mustang helicopter roundup scheduled to begin Friday, July 1st for five days outside Burns, Oregon. The herd is famous around the globe for their quality horses with genetic roots to the Spanish Conquistador horses.

A genetically viable herd must have more than 130 horses. Currently there are approximately 130. If the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) removes 85 mustangs as stated in their alleged environmental assessment, then they will wipe out the genetically viability and leave only 50 animals who will be forced to inbreed.

The Foundation firmly believes that wild horse herds must remain genetically viable and to decimate the Kiger herd is wrong—especially since there is a thriving natural ecological balance (TNEB) on the range.

“The Kiger herd has strong Spanish ancestry and must be preserved,” explains Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation, “We need to stop these cruel and unnecessary roundups so alternative wild horse management techniques can be used before it’s too late.”

“The BLM is recklessly going ahead with the Kiger roundup despite a thriving natural ecological balance on the range and public outcry,” says Anne Novak, spokesperson for The Foundation. “We need an independent study of BLM wild horse and burro management and fast. The taxpayer-funded program is wiping out the very wild horses and burros they are charged to protect.”

Advocates and members of the public are encouraged to attend the roundup to witness the cruel misuse of taxpayer dollars. According to the law, wild horses and burros are to be federally protected from harassment, injury and death by the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act. The Foundation and members of the public ask Congress to stop the roundups.

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Call the White House at (202) 456 1111 or (202) 456 1414 and ask the President to intervene on behalf of the Kiger Mustang, and stop the Burns, Oregon roundup immediately.

Congress is working through the scheduled 4th of July break. Please contact them as a matter of urgency and ask them for their help in stopping the Kiger Mustang roundup taking place in Oregon right now.

Contact Your U.S. Representative
Contact Your U.S. Senators
Contact the White House


Congressional Appeal to Stop Roundups:

BLM page on Kiger Mustangs.

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Source: The Cloud Foundation Press Release

18 thoughts on “Advocates ask Congress to stop dangerous Kiger Mustang roundup in Oregon”

  1. Do any of you know how these horses keep from getting worms? They poop in areas they don’t eat in. But when the grass is gone then they will be forced to eat where they pooped. How sad to watch these beautiful creatures starve to death or die from worms.

    This is from your post , Lisa. Sounds like you were saying they have worms .
    Also I said it was a young horse–not a foal. Ask the BLM.


  2. Why didn’t the BLM deworm them if they have worms ? Was any fecal testing done ? Pellets to do this are available. Also if you care why aren’t you trying to get their HMA’s enlarged ?
    One young horse was found dead in a pen after the roundup. Now try to tell me these roundups are not deadly and cruel as well as unnecessary.
    These horses are no longer really wild in the true sense since it appears the BLM is breeding them .


    1. Barbara, did I say the horses have worms? I don’t think so. REread my post. How do you know I’m not working on trying to get the HMA’s enlarged. I’m all for it. This is the first i’ve heard of a dead foal do you have pictures or was this just word of mouth?


  3. I beg to differ.

    1. Most will agree, apart from the BLM and associates, that it is the BLM who is guilty of the propaganda and rhetoric

    2. Activists padding their pockets with $$$? Now that’s a new one. Hilarious – what a comedian you are.


    1. Andy, we have our work cut out for us to try and convince these people that the gather was not cruel or unnecessary. These people think they have all the answers and THEY have never even visited the Kigers HMA’s. Did the horses have a rough time this winter? Yes! Have any of you seen how little area these Kigers have? Do any of you know how these horses keep from getting worms? They poop in areas they don’t eat in. But when the grass is gone then they will be forced to eat where they pooped. How sad to watch these beautiful creatures starve to death or die from worms. THAT would kill me;-(


      1. Obviously you are part of the problem and ride the BLM bandwagon with reckless abandon.

        The helicopter methods of round up are in themselves a disgrace. Get a clue.


  4. Hi Andi, are you still working for the BLM ? If not are you still associated with them and in what way? If you cared about our wild horses you would be for all roundups and removals to be stopped IMO.
    Too bad the roundup is going on any day for that matter.


    1. I’ve never worked for the BLM and you know that. I’m a volunteer and have been for years. See, I pay out of my own pocket to HELP the horses.

      The Kigers need to be gathered. It’s been 4 years since their last gather. The winter was horrible this past year and the horses were in bad shape. They went thru fences onto private property that’s not part of their HMA looking for food. If left unchecked, they will suffer even more and so will the range. But none of you believe that, so I don’t know why I bother explaining.

      The whole “genetic viability” is just another ploy by the activists to garner more $$$ for their pockets. The Kiger and Riddle HMA’s population levels have not changed in decades and they are genetically stable. It’s pretty obvious if a person actually took the time to look for themselves instead of believing in all the propaganda and rhetoric flying around.

      I have no financial motives here. I have nothing to gain by telling the truth. There are others out there, however, who DO have a lot of financial gain and motives to spreading half-truths, rumors and innuendos. Go figure.


  5. A little misinformation here. The minimum AML on the Kiger and Riddle Mountain HMA’s has been the same for over 20 years. The Oregon BLM mixes up the herds a bit to help improve genetic viability and the DNA studies have confirmed this. The horses are gathered every 4 years to keep them from over population their relatively small HMA where they have resided since 1976, when they were first “discovered” on Beaty’s Butte and moved to the Kiger and Riddle HMA’s. The first batch of original “Kiger” horses was a group of just 27 horses from Beaty’s Butte. The herd is not suffering now, nor will it suffer in the future from lack of genetic viability.

    And I don’t know who said the gather was supposed to start on July 1st because it was never scheduled to start then. It actually starts today. A couple friends of mine are up there now to see and document and film the gather. I am going tomorrow to watch and video as well.


  6. Actions taken today re: Kiger Mustangs. Calls, emails.

    Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR), representing Burns — Staff response: “Will see what we have going on.”
    The White House — Volunteer Operator’s Response: “Will give message.” I followed up with email.
    Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) — Staff response: “Will pass it along.” Followed up with email.
    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) — Left detailed voice-mail. Followed up with email.
    Rep. Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) — Left detailed voice-mail. Followed up with email.
    Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), Majority Leader — Sent email.
    Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Minority Leader — Sent email via

    Text of emails:

    Stop the Kiger Mustang Roundup in Oregon

    The Bureau of Land Management is conducting a draconian roundup of a special herd of wild horses in Burns, Oregon. Known as the “Kiger Mustangs,” this herd is famous for its Spanish-breed ancestry. To be genetically viable, a herd must have at least 150 to 200 horses. Kiger has 132 and BLM is planning to remove 85, leaving just 47 in place. Inbreeding and birth defects are bound to manifest from the resulting inadequate gene pool.

    Please stop BLM from destroying the Kiger Mustangs. Please call for BLM to stop this roundup immediately. The action is going on right now and is supposed to last several days. There is still time to stop this roundup. Please protect the Kiger Mustangs. Thank you.

    Marybeth Devlin, Miami, FL


    1. This is no different than what they have been doing with the Kigers for the last 20 years and it hasn’t hurt their genetics. In fact, the way the Oregon BLM does their management, it has actually improved their genetics. I find it a bit ironic to hear the talk of “genetic viability” in reference to the Kigers when one considers the original herd started from a band of just 27 horses. They have MUCH better genetic viability NOW than they ever had before!

      And the gather will not be stopped, I can guarantee that. The horses were starving this winter, having overrun their HMA with horses and they went thru fences onto ranches and into town. Since the Kigers have a 100% adoption rate, I would much rather they were gathered and adopted out than see them starve or be shot for tearing down fences and trespassing.


    2. I spoke to Dr. Cothran (the man who did the Kiger genetic testing for Spanish markers back in 1993 and just finished releasing a genetic test this year) and he stated that the Kiger still shows the same relatedness to breeds (North American light riding breeds aka Morgan, Quarter Horse, etc. which all of these breeds have Spanish ancestry as the Kiger. The 1993 genetic release stated that the Kiger has the same Spanish markers that the Quarter Horse does) and still has the same GOOD genetic diversity that they always have had. In short, their genetics essentially remain the same.


      1. Perhaps, Kim, but that was some years back and there are ecologist who most likely would beg to differ. Whatever.

        It is certainly no excuse to continue herd destroying practices. If you are into cruelty, pull up a chair, and watch the BLM in action this summer.


  7. Called! BLM conveniently does it on the 4th of July weekend, perhaps hoping no one will be paying attention. Such a tragedy. Thank you for the reminder!


    1. Thank you Isabelle. And you are right on the money. Robbing an icon of American spirit of their freedom during the Independence Day holiday weekend. How apt… for the BLM and the Obama Administration.


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