Michigan man sentenced for killing two horses

CBS News Detroit reports via the Associated press:

Dennis Finkler (Booking Photo)
Dennis Finkler (Booking Photo)

GRAND HAVEN (AP) – A western Michigan man who authorities say slit the throats of two horses belonging to his wife and a stable owner as retribution for his belief that the two were having an affair has been sentenced to 60 days on an electronic tether.

The Grand Rapids Press reported Tuesday that an Ottawa County Circuit Court judge in Grand Haven also sentenced 47-year-old Dennis Finkler to two years’ probation, about $20,000 in restitution and fines and community service.

Finkler of Conklin pleaded no contest in May to torturing and killing an animal and malicious destruction of property.

Authorities said that on Feb. 11 Finkler argued with his wife at the stable owner’s property in Jamestown Township, about 10 miles southwest of Grand Rapids. The horses were killed the next day.

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2 thoughts on “Michigan man sentenced for killing two horses”

  1. More of inflicting, horror to a innocent horse, I am sure that , that action changed what the mans wife did, No sense here whatsoever………………..No real man would ever do this , he is a it in my book………………………… Sub Human …………………..


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