Judge grants Temporary Injunction in Triple B Roundup

Updated Saturday, July 16th, 8:22 AM

Rachel Fazio, attorney for plaintiffs, The Cloud Foundation, Craig Downer and Lorna Moffatt, went to the Ninth Circuit Court with an emergency motion immediately after getting the negative ruling today at 4 PM by U.S. District Court Judge McKibben in Reno. The Ninth Circuit has granted a temporary injunction while they review the merits of the motion. So, the wild horses of the planned Triple B roundup will have a brief reprieve. The hope is that the three Judges who look at the case will stop the roundup until the Appeal has been heard in August and September.

“We are so grateful Rachel Fazio is fighting in the courts to stop this roundup.” states Anne Novak, spokesperson for TCF. “As soon as she heard the judge’s decision she was on it fast–filing for a TRO in the 9th Circuit so a three-judge panel can decide the fate of the more than 1.700 wild horses roaming freely on 1.7 million acres of public land. Let’s hope they can see through the BLM spin.”

See Ninth Circuit Court Order:


A special thank you to Carla for her speedy updates, and Anne for the quote for The Cloud Foundation.

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