Horses help protect Sept 11th Memorial

Written by TOM HAYS
Associated Press

NEW YORK – Few New Yorkers noticed earlier this summer when a dozen police horses boarded in a stable in lower Manhattan were loaded into trailers and moved uptown. The New York Police Department relocated the horses to build a temporary staging area for 220 officers newly assigned to protect ground zero.

The lower Manhattan force will eventually grow to 670.

A key job will be to perform airport-style screenings on the multiple thousands who will visit the Sept. 11 memorial at the site after it opens this fall, as well as to keep a watchful eye on all visitors with an array of closed-circuit cameras.

While the resurrection of the 16-acre property may be viewed by most Americans as a triumph of the nation’s resolve, law enforcement believes terrorists see it as another chance to prove their tenacity.

“Without question it is a target, because it has tremendous symbolism,” said James Kallstrom, a former top FBI official who headed the agency’s New York City office in the 1990s. “Going back and attacking a landmark that was already attacked once is the ultimate challenge.” Read more >>

2 thoughts on “Horses help protect Sept 11th Memorial”

  1. I think incorporating our beloved horses into the new memorial site is worthy of much adulation. They represent the strength of a nation, along side each other through battle and peace times, through security and pleasure. This is what they are, our history. Now if we can just take a cue from this as to keeping all horses with us safe and free from purposely subjecting them to the horrors of greed.


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