Billboard creates debate over ethics of horse slaughter

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(Highlandville, MO) — The processing of horse meat is once again under review by the federal government.

And an Ozarks woman is making a statement you probably can’t ignore to support the animals she’s dedicated her life to.

Jan Myers and her horse “Wish” are practically inseparable, spending hours together on a Rogersville farm.

Myer’s love for the foxtrotter has made her a staunch advocate for the humane treatment of horses and she wants everyone to see why.

“It says actually stop slaughtering us. It’s a really tasteful billboard. It’s got a picture of two horses.”
Myers raised thousands of dollars for a billboard on Highway 65 near Highlandville.

“Big breeders will breed 100 and only want two,” she says. “And so they’ll put them at auction. Kill buyers go the auction, they buy the horses, and send them to Canada or Mexico.”

Myers and other supporters of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act want to make it illegal to ship or process horses for human consumption or other uses.

“It’s a horrible, horrible process from the day they get on that trailer,” says Myers.

But that transport is the very reason people like Greene County Commissioner Jim Viebrock supported horse processing in the past.

Last year, as a state lawmaker, he sponsored a bill that would eliminate federal restrictions on meat inspectors working in horse processing plants.

Viebrock says the measure would eliminate the painful transport of horses that are near the end of their lives or injured. Opponents don’t buy that argument.

“End of life. Euthanasia. Humane euthanasia, which is not slaughter,” says Myers.

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7 thoughts on “Billboard creates debate over ethics of horse slaughter”

  1. I so agree! I am so happy that there is people like Jan out there! Now just to stop the slaughter here in Canada and in Mexico! I hate the fact the people think they need to eat horse meat…it is bad enough to eat all the other animals! A horse is a pet nothing else! The transport alone is horror and then ending up in a slaughterhouse! So sad! Lets stand up together and try to stop the slaughter here in Canada as well!


  2. Arlene, you can and they are in different states now. Jo Deible with Angel Acres started the campaign. You can fundraise working with Jo, to raise the funds to put one up in your state.


  3. Wow !!!!!! Bravo to Jan Meyers, If only we could slap up these Billboards also in every State, and pass Laws State to State no Slaughter Truck can pass through there Borders, we could end this once and for all…… Billboards are highly seen and noticed by all…….. couldnt we collectively do this small donations add up…….also news papers full page ads all over this Country,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Total saturation….. We all know this cost money and lots of it, but where there is a will theres a way…………………… Putting our heads together we could come up with a way to do this…………….. Every day our innocent horses are subjected to this Horror, needlessly……………. there is a way to stop this for them ……………………… We alll have the will to stop this , now we need to find the way…………………………….


    1. Thank you, Arlene for your kind words and encouragement…Actually they are going up all over the country. If you or anyone else would like to join the effort please contact Jo Deibel. She is the executive director of Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue. She is the brainchild of the “Stop Slaughtering Us” Biilboards. Here is a link to her FB page.


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