Hay “bale out” for horses in Texas and Oklahoma thanks to ASPCA

Horse Eating Hay
Texas and Oklahoma horses will benefit from $250,000.00 worth of ASPCA hay 'bale out' grants.

HOUSTON – There’s help for horses this week and a bit of relief for their owners during the record setting drought.

They’re getting a hay “bale out” from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The ASPCA announced today that a total of $250,000 is being granted to 24 equine welfare organizations and animal control agencies across Texas and Oklahoma.

One of the groups benefiting is Habitat for Horses in Galveston County.

All of the 120 horses on the ranch have at one time or another been neglected and starved until Habitat for Horses rescued them.

“This is what we do, what we’ve been doing for the past 14 years, bringing horses in and making them healthy,” said Jerry Finch, the group’s founder.

Finch’s list of needs has never been longer. At the top is the most basic one of all, hay.

“Everybody’s out,” said Finch.

Widespread wildfires and drought have created the perfect storm to deplete the hay supply. The 30 acre ranch in Galveston County used to be a sea of green. Now the horses have only a few remaining blades of grass. Read more plus video at My Fox News Houston >>

6 thoughts on “Hay “bale out” for horses in Texas and Oklahoma thanks to ASPCA”

    1. If they were so awesome why aren’t they telling horse owners how to take care of horses in drought conditions? They won’t because this is a deal to get control over horses. But it is not working. Horse owners in Oklahoma and Texas are seeding in winter passture and putting water to it. According to State University studies you can feed out horses without hay. For people who claim they care about horses your a sorry group.


      1. The resources on how to take care of horses are out there. You can’t MAKE people choose to take care of their animals no matter what the conditions. The APSCA has done nothing to my knowledge to indicate that they DON’T care about horses or the other animals. The difference between a horse and a human is that the human can CHOOSE not to feed or take care of a DOMESTIC horse. The horse doesn’t get the choice whether he gets to eat or drink because as a domestic animal, he is at the mercy of the person that is charged with his care. If these horses are bad enough that they are starvation cases then no matter what information the owners lack they have not been diligent enough as caretakers to see to the well being of the animals, and maybe they do need to be surrendered to a rescue that can take proper care of the horse.


  1. The hay does not benefit individual horse owners ONLY if you turn over your horses (then face criminal charges) to the rescues does your horse get to eat. This is harmfull to HUMANS.


  2. Awesome !!!! ASPCA to the Rescue !!!!! Thank You All there at ASPCA, Also Thank You for all you do to help Americas Most beautiful Horses !!!!!!! I Salute you People !!! And we all know The Horses also Thank You !


  3. What some scientist are saying is that the drought could last for the next ten years. This is what is happening all over the Southwest. Some areas have been in a drought situation for years. When I left AZ two decades ago there had been almost no monsoon rains in the summer for at least five years before that. They simply disappeared. Am I glad I moved to Wa state. Cool coastal weather, rainy at times, a little foggy, with Puget sound bringing in chilly air. They can give the southwest back to the Indians, all of it.


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