Dutrow’s lengthy list of violations (compiled by Paulick Report)

Rick Dutrow
Big Brown trainer Rick Dutrow received a 10 year ban in New York for drugging racehorses, among other charges.

The introduction to the Paulick Report post goes like this:

    Back when the Paulick Report was just getting started in June 2008, we took a look at the lengthy list of various racing commission rulings involving trainer Rick Dutrow, who at the time was basking in the glory of Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Big Brown. The list, courtesy of the Association of Racing Commissions International, demonstrates the range of violations that Dutrow was alleged to have committed: forged checks; failure to conduct his business in a proper manner; violating claiming rules; being the aggressor in an altercation; omitting a criminal conviction on a license applications; providing false/misleading information about a workout; and multiple drug violations on himself and his horses.

    Since Dutrow is in the news again, having his trainer’s license revoked yesterday by the New York State Racing and Wagering Board (a ruling that is being appealed by attorneys for Dutrow), we thought it might be worth publishing that lengthy list of violations again. Keep in mind, the list was inclusive into early 2008, and does not include the most recent complaints that landed Dutrow in front of the SRWB.

And ends with this link: Click here for the list.

5 thoughts on “Dutrow’s lengthy list of violations (compiled by Paulick Report)”

  1. I like this comment by “voiceofreason” on the Paulick Report site in reference to this topic:

    Now we get to the heart of the matter.

    It’s not whether our industry leadership SEES the issues (corruption, cheating, excesses and lack of integrity), it’s that they provide ZERO vision, direction and fair/proper regulation. So for decades the same old “business as usual” has left us an industry in tatters… and THAT has left us looking for saviors under every rock. Zenyatta will save us! Casinos will save us! Big Brown will save us! Lower takeout will save us! The Secretariat movie will save us! ANYTHING but a smart, cohesive and integrated campaign to change the sport for the better, across the board, no holds barred.

    What you/we are left with (and sadly have always had in recent memory) is an industry that cannot move without 10 alphabets meeting to discuss. 10 alphabets that are ONLY moved to action when the outrage reaches a fevered pitch and can no longer be ignored (although they try to sleep through those issues too).

    And so were left with Dutrow. The industry scapegoat for doing nothing but what most other super-trainers do more “tactfully”. If you can manage your press and do a better job of hiding the truth, hell boys, you could win an Eclipse award! Yee HAW!

    Anyway, i digress. Dutrow should be allowed to train, period. If that is taken away from the man, I hope he uses that mouth to do some REAL good, goes nuclear and spouts off the real truths that have laid hidden for too long. Industry leaders should be taken to task. They deserve to SHARE in the ramifications of their lack of vision.

    Source: http://www.paulickreport.com/news/the-biz/tracks-owners-face-decision-about-dutrow/


    1. Me too!! That would be a way for him to make up for what he’s done to his horses. Not that he cares, apparently, but it would be a great thing anyway. If they don’t do something not only will the “sport” be dead, so will a formerly wonderful breed – Thoroughbreds, which would be a tragedy.


      1. Hi, I truly believe that our Thoroughbred breed needs to be Conserved. The horses of today have legs like toothpicks when compared to the last Triple Crown Champion in 1978! It is my thought that the breed has to be re-built by creating a National Stud, taking our finest Mares (before they go to Old Friends’) and breed them back to an Arabian. The breed is only 97% ‘pure’ so to say we should not be thinking about conserving the breed properly is idiotic to me. I don’t know how many generations it would take but if you visit Ellen Parker’s ‘Reins de Cours’ (Queens of the Turf) you can find some very insightful info as she has been studying Pedigrees for years and she gets paid a lot of money to advise breeders for her ‘Matchmaking’ services. We need to rebuild this ‘man made’ breed instead of doping them and losing so damn many to slaughter.



  2. All drugs should be prohibited. Not only because they are horrible for the horses but they are in violation of the RICO Act. Drugs interfere with gambling.



  3. This man is only one of many trainers that need to be banned from racing for life. These are the ones that give a horse Bute and other drugs before a race to cover up injuries that cause terrible breakdowns on the track. This is the type too that will send a horse to slaughter just because it can’t run fast enough to please the owner/owners instead of calling a rescue to see if they can find a home for it. This is just the tip of the iceberg in the racing industry, as we all know.


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