Eight wild horses captured by state gain freedom in Northern Nevada

Cross-posted from the Reno Gazette-Journal


(Dec. 25, 2011) — Thanks to the combined efforts of wild horse advocates, a private land owner and the Let em’ Run Foundation, eight wild horses that recently were captured by a state agency were set free.

When the Nevada Division of Agriculture recently gathered eight wild horses that lived in the Mound House area, it didn’t take long for wild horse advocate to work out a plan to save the horses from potentially being sold and eventually killed.

After passing the hat to gather $850 in donations from people in the Virginia Range, the advocates headed to the Stewart Prison Complex parking lot in Carson City on Dec. 6 to buy the band of wild horses during a sale held by the state. Continue reading >>

1 thought on “Eight wild horses captured by state gain freedom in Northern Nevada”

  1. if the blm would let mustangs advocates take horses ::Madelene Pickens for several years has been trying to get 33,000 mustangs out of short and long term holding but BLM will not co operate. What kind of a Government do we have?


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