Premarin and the ugly truth behind the label

Followers of the Int’l Fund for Horses and readers of Tuesday’s Horse are aware of the Premarin® family of drugs, how they are made, and the deadly consequences for the horses used for it.

There has been a major reduction in North American ranches milking pregnant mares for their urine for these despicable pharmaceuticals, but not in the sales of the drugs. So somewhere, mares are being abused and foals mercilessly killed to make them, and at high levels. We will not forget these horses.

Alexandra Gritta, President of Charity Book Series, Inc. has produced a video called Premarin® and Horse Slaughter – The Ugly Truth Behind the Label.

Please watch and take action on behalf of the horses and humans impacted by the making of this hideous drug.


6 thoughts on “Premarin and the ugly truth behind the label”

    1. Dear skippy1234,

      Yes, Wyeth had to close several of their Premarin farms as the demand for Premarin decreased….. it’s my belief this is why Wyeth merged with Pfizer, for economic reasons.

      Mari Dickson


    2. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, now a division of Pfizer, continues to manufacture Premarin, and also is waiting for FDA approval of a new drug Aprela, which also uses pregnant mare urine. Yes, the PMU farms in North America have been downsized–but only because they have now relocated abroad to China, Kazahkstan and Poland.The nightmare continues, but they are attempting to keep it out of the American public eye as much as possible.


  1. I firmly believe that women taking premarin is the one reason that breast cancer will never be cured no matter how much research is done. If these researchers would just look into how many women taking this drug since it first came on the market that have died from breast cancer and connected the dots and had sense enough to tell the FDA to remove it from the market breast cancer would vanish from every country. But as long as companies make big bucks from it’s sale and researchers have large grants to study the causes of breast cancer with most of them knowing what is causing it there will be no stopping the cruelty of it’s manufacture. Follow the money!!


    1. Dear Barb3000,

      I completely agree with your analysis! It appears breast cancer is now more prevalent compared with past generations. It may very well be from the present excessive use of HRT; primarily Premarin. It’s not only about the money, it’s also about women choosing to avoid the natural discomfort of menopause! The aforesaid women are amenable to any and all drugs their physicians offer to relieve these symptoms. Thus not all physician are to blame; they prescribe HRT at the request of their patients who care not one whit about the suffering of these mares.


  2. Dear Ms Grant:

    I am guilty of using Premarin for 14 years (from 1987 to 2001) Throughout this time, I envisioned mares happily grazing in pastures with merely a harmless receptacle designed to collect their urine. I did not imagine anyone would be so cruel as to keep these mares pregnant; I nor did I give a thought as to what happened to their foals. I was so completely uninformed.

    When on a horse trek in Ireland (2001), I met a woman M.D. from Denmark who took the time to explain to me the atrocity involved in the production of Premarin. She also told me 80% of Danish women use NO HRT! They either have no menopausal symptoms or else contend with them without HRT. And yes, after 14 years on this dangerous drug, I still had to weather menopausal symptoms….in no way did Premarin aid in bypassing menopause.

    For the rest of my life, I will carry the quilt of once contributing to the agony these mares endure.
    Currently, I request my physicians not prescribe, for me, any medicines manufactured by Pfizer/Wyeth.

    Thank you for this video with its additional information. I will be forwarding this website to everyone on my email list.

    God Bless,
    Mari Dickson
    Oconomowoc, WI


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