$500 reward offered to find wild horse harassing youths

Cross-posted from the Reno Gazette-Journal


A Dayton, NV based wild horse advocate group is offering a $500 reward for information that would lead to the arrest and conviction of youths that allegedly chased a band of wild horses in the Stagecoach Valley on Dec. 28, ultimately causing the stallion to break its leg and be euthanized by a sheriff’s deputy.

Residents in the area of Boyer Lane in Stagecoach said youngsters riding dirt bikes and ATVs chased the wild horses.

Outraged over the illegal conduct of the youths, the Wild Horse Preservation League is offering the reward. Anyone with information regarding the incident is urged to call the Lyon County Sheriff’s Department, Silver Springs Substation at 775-577-5020.

It’s a crime under Nevada law to harass or chase livestock, wildlife or wild horses.

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3 thoughts on “$500 reward offered to find wild horse harassing youths”

  1. I’m sure that they SEE and HEAR what the BLM does….and see that it’s no different for them to this with dirt bikes…after all…taxpayers PAY the BLM to do it with helicopters…..so I’m sure their parents are supporters of slaughter and the BLM.


    1. Great observation Kym, and a point to seriously consider. We should all be setting the example of the type of behavior we expect from our youngsters. None of this do as I say, not do as I do.


  2. It’s bad enough seeing the BLM doing insane things like this (out of ignorance and greed) but seeing todays youth pulling crap like this…. for fun!!! I’m sure that they were never taught the value of other life and showing respect.


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