Mystery surrounding abandoned horses finally solved

Based on reports from the European Union (EU) tracking horses sold to Mexico for slaughter and arial footage of a group of abandoned horses, EWA concluded that over 5,000 abandoned horses in the US can be traced back to meat slaughter plants in Mexico.

The EU report identified that over 5,000 horses sold to Mexico for slaughter were deemed, under slaughter regulations implemented in 2009, to be ineligible for slaughter. A similar number were found abandoned together in the same field. The large number of horses being found in one location suggested that these were not cases of owner abandonment; the proximity to Mexico suggests that these were the horses rejected for slaughter.

The link below begins a download of a PDF of the full press release from the investigation.


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1 thought on “Mystery surrounding abandoned horses finally solved”

  1. Thru the grace of God, they were not taken in to slaughter but by the say token, I cannot fathom the conditions they endured before, during and after abandonment. And not to be eligible for slaughter, what hellish shape were they in ??


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