Sentencing delayed in horse soring case

Cross-posted from the Shelbyville Times-Gazette


Sentencing has been delayed until the end of next month for two people who have admitted their guilt in a federal horse soring case.

Jeffery Bradford, 33, of Lewisburg, and Christen Altman, 25, of Shelbyville will now be sentenced on Feb. 27 instead of the original date of Feb. 13, according to an order by U.S. District Judge Harry S. Mattice Jr. Continue reading at >>

Horse Soring
Horse soring image from The Hoof Blog


SORING is the process of putting acidic products and irritating chemicals on a horse’s legs that cause pain so the horse will lift his legs higher for more action.

It also includes pressure shoeing, which contains methods of causing pain to the bottom of the horse’s feet through mechanical means, again so the horse will lift his legs higher.

Learn more:

Horse Soring Fact Sheet
Horse Soring Images
Frequently Asked Questions

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4 thoughts on “Sentencing delayed in horse soring case”

  1. It’s to bad these two and all the others that have forced this cruelty on horses were ordered to wear shoes full of rocks and with a gun to their heads to run for about ten miles down the road.
    Then they could look at their bloody feet and know how these horses felt. This might be a warning to the rest of low life A -Holes out there but I doubt it. Then when they are done with the horses they crippled they are sent off to slaughter. You would think that the judges at these shows would know horses don’t normally walk like that. I boycott horse shows like these. I wouldn’t get near any of them.


  2. It never ceases to blow me away how people can be so cruel to animals, the most innocent and beautiful creatures on this earth…..the atrocities cast upon them are unspeakable. Why? is what I keep asking myself and the more one gets involved in realizing how we as humans contribute to misery and hurtfulness the more it becomes unbearable.

    Those humans who fail to acknowledge that these “animals” are our equals have no soul. I don’t have horses but I have dogs , It doesn’t matter what “animal” we refer to or share our life with; they all have the unlimited capacity of love, respect, and loyalty – something so glaringly lacking in the supposedly “superior” human race at times……..

    Sadly, these individuals, just as others guilty of animal abuse, will never experience the indignity and anguish they have inflicted on our beloved companions .

    The so-called punishment of jail time and fines are not enough to deter this behavior……disgusting. I have my doubts they will spend a year in jail and a couple thousand bucks in fines is insignificant

    That said, at least some measures have been taken. Unfortunately the punishment does not fit the crime.


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