Get America’s youth involved in ending horse slaughter


Getting America’s youth involved in ending horse slaughter is imperative, and an activity they are likely to remember throughout their lives.

A major concern for parents, teachers and caregivers, is how do you explain something as brutal as horse slaughter to youngsters in terms that are not too disturbing.

We have found a lovely website that involves youth in all types of activism, teaching them to cherish and protect our Mother Earth and her inhabitants. It is called the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

They have a page called “Let’s End Horse Slaughter!” which should be appropriate for just about any disposition.


Jo-Claire Corcoran of the Equine Welfare Alliance has established a letter writing campaign for children to members of Congress and the President.

Please watch this video to learn more.

The addresses for your letters are:

United States

Million Horse March – Children’s Letter Writing Campaign
Attn: Jo-Claire Corcoran
301 Tazewell Avenue
Bluefield, VA 24605


Million Horse March – Children’s Letter Writing Campaign
ATTN: Chelsea Burton
Box 127
Chalk River, ON K0J 1J0

Please include poetry, pictures and artwork which conveys what horses mean to you.

Letters are due no later than March 20, 2012. Presentations to Congress and Parliament are set for March 27, 2012.

Grown ups, it is imperative for you to take part too.

Endorse federal legislation, send your comments to Congress guaranteed and read what other supporters are saying about the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

House version,
Senate version,

or visit our Home Page for both links >>

Please share this page too!

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