N. Dakota traffic get an eyeful of horsemeat

North Dakotans are getting an eyeful of horsemeat on a billboard courtesy of the North Dakota Anti-Horse Slaughter Coalition and Animal Rescue Unit. The sign is in Bismark at Expressway and S. Washington where it is viewable by drivers travelling six lanes of highway coming from all four directions.

N Dakota Horsemeat Billboard
N Dakota Horsemeat Billboard. Source Image.

The image has pointers to the fact that horsemeat contains drug residues potentially harmful to consumers.

A posting by the NDAHSC on the group’s Facebook page states:

People have been commenting it is gross, but if it was a juicy beef steak they would be looking for the nearest Bonanza steak house. That tells you that horses are NOT viewed as food.

If you are on Facebook, join them there at https://www.facebook.com/NDAHSC. Well done everyone.

2 thoughts on “N. Dakota traffic get an eyeful of horsemeat”

  1. Yes Marge Mullen this may just whats needed !!!! I am working with Angel Acres to get a Bill board here in Ohio , It isnt the same as this one but still very good…………………..


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