Ken and Barbis helping the horses

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The Petition Movie Poster
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Models and animal activists Shane and Sia Barbi are starring with Michael Blake in the documentary “The Petition,” which supports an end to horse slaughter.

Directed by Anne Novak and co-produced by Ken Wahl, all of the film’s profits will also go to helping horses in need, and the Barbi twins are eager to gather one million signatures on a petition to ban the killings.

The film is scheduled to premiere in April 2012.

To find out more and to sign the petition, go to the official website.



Do you want to be in the documentary about raising 1 million signatures–expressing the will of the people–to stop cruel horse slaughter in the USA?

Make a brief YOU TUBE Video telling us why YOU signed the petition and post it on the wall on THE PETITION movie Facebook page with your permission for the filmmakers to use your video.

4 thoughts on “Ken and Barbis helping the horses”

  1. Viv, my computer has been out of action for a while, so I’m playing catch-up on your posts. Although I’ve signed numerous petitions against slaughter, I hadn’t seen this one. I just signed, but my comment hasn’t shown up yet. The previous comment was made two months ago. Time to network it again!


  2. i am trying by best to enlighten the people of the cruel and viciousness of the BLM and the obama administrations distruction of the wild horse herds, so the cattle can tear up the lands that were decidedly meant for the horse.


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