Woman charged with lying about rescuing horses, instead sending them to slaughter

Horse behind fence awaiting slaughter.
Betrayed horse behind fence awaiting slaughter.

PENNSYLVANIA — It was not illegal for Kelsey Lefever to bring unwanted horses to auction to be sold for slaughter. But it was illegal for her to tell the horses’ owners that she was finding them good homes, according to state police.

Police said Lefever, 24, of Honeybrook, advertised herself as a horse rescue. In May, she met the owners of four racehorses who could no longer compete on the track, promising them she would find good homes for the horses and would never sell them for meat.

Instead, she brought them to the New Holland horse auction in Lancaster County, where they were bought by a buyer from Shippensburg who brings horses to a slaughtering facility in Canada, according to court documents.

Police charged Lefever in November with theft by deception and deceptive business practices. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb. 6 before district judge Lowell Witmer, Allentown Blvd., Harrisburg. Continue reading >>

18 thoughts on “Woman charged with lying about rescuing horses, instead sending them to slaughter”

  1. The majority of horses slaughtered in Canada are from the US. What a joke it is shutting the slaughter houses down in 2007 but allowing the transport to Mexico and Canada. I’m not blaming those who fight to end slaughter but rather the corrupt governments – US, Canada and Mexico – that allow it to continue. Who is kidding who?????

    And now, with the filth of the US government (3 evil individuals) clandestinely removing the clause to prohibit funding for inspectors, will it resume? If so there is no turning back. The US just like everywhere else is no longer democratic…controlled by money. nothing less. And even if it doesn’t result in the re-opening of horse slaughter plants in the US, until the US outlaws horse slaughter all together they are no better than any nation that does the dirty deed.

    Take a good look at why slaughter exists. It serves the AQHA and the TB racing industry in a big way. I ask if the US is serious about stopping horse slaughter why they (i.e. the government, not the people) haven’t passed Bills 1176/H.R. and 2966…the simple reason is that slaughter is a $$$ making industry, eliminates the “unwanted” due to over-breeding and after all isn’t it so much easier to blame it on the Canadians and Mexicans…how convenient. Yet the bulk of “horse meat” that ships to foreign countries is American…go figure.

    Talk about calling the kettle black…guilty as charged. Shame on the US for passing the buck.

    God help us all


    1. It is the Beef Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and of course Big Oil. There have been studies by Dr. Ann Marini (she is a Neurologist) and Dr. Nick Dodman proving being refute that the drugs given to horses never purge their bodies. Bute and paste wormers all carry warnings that these should be NOT be used for ‘animals intended for human consumption.’ I give my horses Diatomececiast Earth for their wormer.

      Here is a link to a video that Amanda Sorvino created when we were investigating Monty Merola of Brave-O Packing.

      This freak ate the flesh of the horses he slaughtered every day. Horse sausage for breakfast, horse burgers for lunch, and horse steak for dinner. He was a convicted felon and did ten years in Rahway Prison for an aggravated rape. He lost his right to bear firearms but that did not stop him. I tried to get him on the guns but the Salem County Prosecutor’s office was unwilling to charge him with anything because he fed horsemeat to the NJ State Police.

      I tried to get him on a hacking charge as he wanted my ex husband to hack into the Salem County Court computers and the NJ DMV. I told him it would cost 10K as it was a discounted price ‘for a friend.’ I sent all emails to the Hudson County Prosecutors Office as I reside in Hudson County. I said I would set it up so they could come and arrest him at a restaurant close to the PATH Train, No go. They referred me to the State Police! I tried every legal way I knew how to get him while he was still alive but not one single Law enforecement Agency would step up and Investigate. The FBI Computer Crimes Division referred me to the State Police.

      He died over two years ago from eating the flesh of those horses. Cancer caused by the drugs in the flesh killed him. May he burn in Hell for eternity. I own the audio recordings we did and also I have every single email from him and to the Hudson County Prosecutors Office. It was a nightmare!!! Amanda was leading him on but she was never alone with him. I went out there several times and the first time I met him he grabbed me so hard he nearly cracked my spine. He kissed me on the mouth and I wanted to gargle with bleach! I threw away the clothing I wore every time I met him as he, and all of his animals had Lice!

      This is not over by a longshot. I want to buy a horse that his younger brother gets from the NJ SPCA to prove that they are sending all horses surrendered or seized directly to kill. His brother sells cadaver legs (of which we have two as well as two horse heads in Cold Storage) and Monty never figured out that I was the person investigating him. So, that is the deal. Drugs, and drugs alone should be sufficient to end the practice.



    2. I dont see how it could start up again. The horse industry is horse poor now. The breeding is down to 7% of the numbers of mares being bred from before. The cost of raising a foal to maturity is 3 to 4 times the amount of money as they get for them at slaughter. If the old horses could find a home with children then that would eliminate a lot of the extra horses. If the law said that the buyers who sell to killers had to tell the owners what was to happen to there animals a lot of this would go away. The only thing that woud be left is for the killers to start breeding there own stock. But theres no profit in that. It’s easier to steal them. I dont believe that the whole population is bad.


  2. In Oklahoma and Texas the Sheriff Departments are grabbing horses then selling them to the killers. If you dont have hay they grab your horses. Law enforcement fails to confirm that Purina’s new feed is a alternative to feeding hay. Purina’s new feed Equine Adult has forage built into the grain, you dont need to feed hay. This is backed by billion dollar research.


    1. The exact same thing happens in New Jersey. If someone surrenders a horse to the NJ SPCA. they send it to kill immediately. Also horses that have been seized by Law Enforcement suffer the same fate. NJ’s State Animal is ‘The Horse’ but a horse is simply not safe in New Jersey!



      1. How sick is that about the NJ SPCA. I suppose like up in Canada, they say they can’t afford to care and feed for horses; don’t have the money. I guess they make a few bucks getting rid of them to a kill buyer or maybe they deal directly with the slaughterhouses. This is just too much.


        1. They deal directly with the slaughterhouses. I am trying to record Mark Merola, the younger brother of that subhuman Monty Merola who gets these horses from the SPCA. I have asked for a $250 birthday wish so I can go and buy one of the seized or surrendered horses he gets from the NJ SPCA. Those lowlifes never figured out who I was, but Amanda told everyone on the Planet. She basically screwed it all up. The only thing she did do was keep her trap shut about the Lawsuit! That is what caused all the ruckus with Animal’s Angels. I love Animals Angels and Julie is a friend!


      2. It’s in violation of due process. Also lying to people about whats going to happen to there animal is considered fraud in criminal circles. I would suggest law suites. I know of two men who are or were in Secret Service who are helping people file criminal complaints. Also going to the press helps because everyones got a soft spot for horses.


      1. I am going to ask for the new Purina feed. to me they are the best feed, especially their ‘Equine Senior’. The new feed has roughage incorporated which is great because the longer it takes them to chew their saliva is neutralizing the acids in the stomach. That is a great way to help horses that suffer from Ulcers, like my Thoroughbred Mare ‘Okay Renee’. Will report back after I have tried it.



  3. Can’t the owners get any surviving horses back since they were frauded by this evil being? Wouldn’t it be considered receiving stolen property or property received by fraud by the kill-buyer? Or could the kill-buyer sue her for selling horses she had received by fraud?


  4. She knew full well what she was doing. The bad economy is no excuse. As you say, she may have been well intentioned when she started but she knew deep in her mind that what she was doing was despicable. Never get the ‘appeal’ of those Killer Buyers, sometimes you have to dance with the Devil to save a life, but some of these women (this one is not the only one I personally know of) just fall in love with these sick guys, whom are all married! The types that are attracted to Livestock Auctions are from another planet, with few exceptions. Elle


  5. It seems that her legitimate job teaching and training hunter/jumpers is already lost… The owner of that farm immediately fired her, and I don’t believe that she will work in a horse related business again, unless those killer buyer friends of hers get her to drive the trailers. I personally am writing a note to the prosecutors to encourage them to “throw the book at her”. Fraud can be a very costly crime.


    1. Let’s hope she learns her lesson. If she hooks up exclusively with the killer buyer community, then she has no place to go but down. That is a shame. We don’t know her story, but it is difficult not to judge. It usually starts off with a lie here, a betrayal there, then there’s the “easy” money. After this, she may have no place else to go. Considering how many people in the industry routinely dump horses in the slaughter pipeline without a look back or an iota of shame, she is hardly alone. But it appears she got bold, hardened with every misdeed, then bragged about what she was doing, and got caught. Or perhaps she was a ruthless, remorseless person to start with. At the end of the day, for us, it is the horses who suffered so cruelly that matters. They were vulnerable and horribly used.


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