Woman explains why she came to Hollywood on horseback

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CALIF. — (Jan. 26, 2012) Hollywood has always loved a good story about a horseback journey, and that’s been true for Karin Hauenstein, who I caught riding down Sunset Boulevard through traffic on Tuesday.

She e-mailed LAist to let us know about her long journey from the Central Coast to Hollywood with her three horses Glory, Coley and Smoke.

Hauenstein is a professional horse behaviorist who lives about 65 miles north of Santa Barbara, but she is also an activist. She had planned on taking a long horseback journey to advocate against the inhumane treatment of horses and horse slaughter this year, but she had to leave ahead of schedule after President Obama signed an appropriations bill this fall that funded the USDA to certify U.S. horse meat for human consumption and sale in other countries.

She writes, “It is going to take the power of the U.S. General Public, informed and outraged, to stem the development of fully-contained (which means nobody sees in and nobody hears in, like McDonald’s facilities…) horse slaughter facilities in the northern U.S.” Read full story >>

4 thoughts on “Woman explains why she came to Hollywood on horseback”

  1. I would like this gal to explain more about the “mustang” she tamed and rode in 3 days. I would also like her to explain to us all how she could legally just take a horse off the range, either owned by BLM or US Forrest Service and feel it was hers for the taking. And why no one has turned her in for stealing that wild horse. I don’t care how miraculous her story is or what point she is trying to make. Fact is, she has spoken far and wide about taking that wild horse and making it her own. Legally, we call that stealing and I am SHOCKED she has not been prosecuted for it and knowing that she stole that wild horse, makes what ever else comes out of her mouth sound like BLAH BLAH BLAH… I don’t support horse thieves.


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