Pfizer Headquarters in New York

Pfizer set to seek Aprela nod

Aprela is yet another hormone replacement therapy drug made from conjugated equine estrogen, taken from pregnant mare’s urine. This article leaves the word “equine” out, but does mention the mares, so we congratulate the writer on presenting that item of note.

We excerpt the article below, but we highly recommend you read it in its entirety, as the information is important, especially to women. Jump to full article >>

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Pfizer Headquarters in New York
Pharmaceutical Giant Pfizer Headquarters in New York (Photo by HENNY RAY ABRAMS / AFP / Getty Images)

Pfizer Inc. is preparing to seek U.S. regulatory approval to sell a new menopause drug that could pose an alternative to the company’s older hormone-replacement therapies, which have been tied to safety risks.

However, repeated delays in developing the new drug, Aprela, have raised questions about its potential. Some analysts and doctors question whether regulators will approve it, and Aprela’s market potential could be limited by continued safety concerns about hormone-based drugs.

The New York-based drug maker expects to submit Aprela for Food and Drug Administration approval sometime this year, according to Olivier Brandicourt, president and general manager of Pfizer’s primary-care unit. He discussed Aprela in an interview earlier this month.

Mr. Brandicourt said the drug has the potential to reduce menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and to prevent bone-thinning osteoporosis, but with a better safety and tolerability profile than older hormone-replacement therapies.

“We think this is a market which is unsatisfied … and if you can bring a hormone therapy which doesn’t have the traditional side effects, we can actually lead that marketplace,” Mr. Brandicourt told reporters at a November meeting.

Many women stopped using hormone-replacement therapies after a large government study, the Women’s Health Initiative, raised safety concerns a decade ago. Continue reading >>

4 thoughts on “Pfizer set to seek Aprela nod”

  1. Yes, Linda, and Pfizer always seem to be sponsoring their pro-horse slaughter buddies in some way. I keep praying for an industry insider to tell us where the PMU horses are being farmed now. A PMU farmer in NA said he heard it was China, Poland and one other country I can’t spell properly. Horse slaughter is — for the most part — an accepted part of their cultures in those countries.


  2. Another “Industry” for pro-slaughter advocates. Breeding nice, hefty mares for PMU, slaughtering them if they don’t get pregnant, and their “throwaway” foals as well. All equally disgusting!


  3. Where are all the pregnant horses being milked for their urine? There are not enough farms in N. America to meet the demand by anyone’s calculation that we know.


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