Equine Welfare Alliance speaks out on ASPCA Poll

Poll finds big Ag horse slaughter promotion has backfired


Horse in profile.
Latest poll conducted by ASPCA shows Americans more opposed to horse slaughter than ever.

Chicago (EWA) – (Feb. 3, 2012) A poll conducted in January by Lake Research Partners for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) found that 80% of Americans are strongly opposed to horse slaughter. The highly respected research group based its survey on 1,008 voters giving the results a 3% margin of error. The poll found opposition was consistent across all sectors, including horse owners.

The findings are all the more remarkable given the huge media effort that was mounted by the horse slaughter lobby following the closing of U.S. based horse slaughter plants in 2007.

While the effort appeared to have worked on Congress, causing them to restore funding for horse slaughter inspections, it had the opposite effect on voter opinion. A similar poll performed a decade earlier indicates that opposition to horse slaughter has increased by almost 10%.

The slaughter lobby, supported by some of the most powerful agriculture groups in the country including the Farm Bureau, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), the Pork Producers Council (PPC), the American Veterinary Medicine Association and the American Quarter Horse Association has engaged some of the top lobbying and PR firms in Washington in a concerted effort to push back against what they saw as a victory for “animal rights” supporters.

EWA’s John Holland explains “The horse slaughter issue has unfortunately become part of a much larger battle between big agriculture and animal welfare advocates. Big agriculture has decided to protect itself with an aggressive in-your-face strategy designed to preemptively crush its opponents, real and imagined.”

The promotion of horse slaughter is just one of the proxy battles being waged by the Ag giants. In July of 2011, the NCBA and the PPC opposed a plan already agreed to by the United Egg Producers (UEP) and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to replace existing battery cages with equally efficient environments that create better living conditions for laying hens. The move showed a willingness to attack even other animal agriculture associations who appeared to be bending toward better humane standards.

Perhaps the most bizarre example of this aggressive strategy is SB 610 introduced into the Virginia Legislature this year by State Senator Dick Black. The bill called for working dogs to be reclassified as livestock, effectively removing their humane protection as companion animals. Following an avalanche of criticism, Black announced he was pulling the bill and admitting that he had introduced it “to aid the agriculture and farming community at their request.” He went on to mention the Farm Bureau and the Agribusiness Council by name.

“This newest poll should serve as a warning to politicians who have yielded to big Ag bullying” says EWA’s Vick Tobin, “Voters are not with you on the horse slaughter issue.”


Source: Press Release

6 thoughts on “Equine Welfare Alliance speaks out on ASPCA Poll”

  1. Polls of this type, while holding no legal significance, are important regardless of whether or not the government acts upon them. They are the voice of the people and help to convey a message.

    As far as Slaughterhouse Sue goes, she is a raging nonconformist who for whatever reason seems bent on serving horses up on the plates of American consumers, the majority of which are aghast with any such notion. Who can deny that there is something deeply misguided with a woman who would suggest feeding toxic, bute-laden horse meat to children. Need I even dignify that? I think not. Something is definitely amiss with this woman and those who support her.

    Contrary to what some may believe (Elle?) she is simply digging a deeper hole for her twisted and most distasteful logic.

    As Vivian says, kudos to EWA and ASPCA. The more the pro-slaughter side continues to embarrass themselves the better.


    1. Slaughterhouse Sue has barely a High School education. She worked as a Coal Miner and in her spare time she composes some horrific music. She actually sang in England one year and the listeners response was underwhelming. She is a sociopath whom craves attention in any way she can get it. She looks EXACTLY like the character ‘Pat’ that Julia Sweeny created years ago on Saturday Night Live. She is a real annoyance and the more attention we give her the more she is encouraged to keep going. I think it is time to ignore Slaughterhouse Sue. Forever.



  2. What the poll does show is that nothing has changed. As a matter of fact it supports what horse slaughter opponents have been stating since the first poll was taken, that a majority of Americans are against horse slaughter. And now in even higher numbers. Few if any are fooled by the feverish machinations of Sue Wallis, or the propaganda spewed by pro horse slaughter organizations and their hired mouthpieces. Good job EWA for raising these points. Thank you ASPCA.


  3. Our Gvt is corrupt beyond belief! This poll will not make a difference and Slaughterhouse Sue is already sending out her own press releases saying Americans love horsemeat. I remember in the early 1970’s there was a Meat Boycott. Horsemeat was on the shelves and it rotted as nobody would eat it! This was information I got from my Mom because I was too young to understand it. The only state where it is illegal to eat Horsemeat is California. That was when Prop 9 passed and horse slaughter became illegal in California. I have no idea where these horsemeat loving Americans are, but do know where they get it.



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