Steel Pier Diving Horse Vintage Postcard

Plan to bring diving horse act back to Steel Pier draws criticism from animal rights activists

Steel Pier Diving Horse Vintage Postcard
Steel Pier Diving Horse Vintage Postcard

It is absolutely ludricrous, to bring such a barbaric and abusive act back in this day and age of supposed enhanced enlightenment concerning animal suffering.

I remember the late Rue McClanahan spoke out against and worked with other celebrities like Mary Tyler Moore to shut down a horse diving act. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that other Golden Girl and animal lover Betty White were to come forward and condemn this horrific business.

Next thing we will hear, no doubt, is that the horse enjoys it. That is usually the first statement people who abuse animals for the sake of entertainment make when confronted with criticism.

To get a horse up a ramp and then to jump into a pool of water …the horses would had to have been subjected to stimuli that they feared more than the ramp and the water, such as electric shock, beatings, or food deprivation.

    — Dr. Holly Cheever, NYSHA’s vice-president and nationally known veterinarian [1]

Here’s the beginning of the report.

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    ATLANTIC CITY — When the iconic diving horse act returns to the Steel Pier this summer, spectators can expect to see a horse ridden by a stunt diver jump from a platform 30 to 40 feet in the air, much like the original attraction made famous in the 1920s.

    Another trapping of the shows, at least the 1990s version of the act, also is likely to return: Animal-rights protesters.

    The show’s latest reprisal will be a far cry from the diving horse act last seen at the pier during a two-month stint in 1993, which came to an abrupt close following protests by several animal-rights groups. At that time, the show featured two ponies, a mule and a dog jumping 15 feet into a pool of water. No riders were involved.

    “This is a full-scale, custom act,” said Tony Catanoso, one of the pier’s owners. “We know the diving horse is controversial, but I think people need to look at the bigger picture. A diving horse is going to be iconic. It’s going to be a small piece of the development project that will bring family entertainment back to Atlantic City.” Read full story >>

Family entertainment? An abusive animal act?

:: Petition Link: Stop Plan to Revive Cruelty Toward Horses in Atlantic City


[1] Don’t Make Him Do It, New York State Humane Association, Summer 2003

26 thoughts on “Plan to bring diving horse act back to Steel Pier draws criticism from animal rights activists”

  1. I believe it’s macabre to think of bringing it back; though I don’t agree with the animal rights-people. If you threw out a dog or cat into water from a platform it would have been different; one does not simply force such a great animal as the horse is to do stuff like e.g. the diving. Also, I think we all should remember how no horses were harmed in all the years they performed with the horse diving in Atlantic City.

    But again; I certainly do not think it is something to start doing again. There is a reason why it got forbidden after all.


    1. What animal rights people are you referring to?
      And why would it be different if a dog or cat was thrown off?
      I don’t think it would be any better or any more humane.


  2. Sounds Like Catanoso Has That Italian Mafia Mindset/Attitude/Disease FULL Of Heartless Greed, Self-Centeredness, Selfish Ambition, NO Common Sense, NO Compassion, NO Conscience And NO Moral Compass! :-( THIS Is FAR From “FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT” (Like The Mafia Has Promoted For Casinos These Days “Casino Disney Land”, Right?!)! :-( Exactly WHAT Are You Trying To Teach Children, Sir??? :-( NO Horse Would EVER Do This On Purpose, Miss McDonnell (How Much Did They Pay You For That Endorsement?)! :-(


  3. Geez, what year is this? I feel like I am in some kind of a time warp. This is idea is ludicrous. First it’s Snooki. What’s next out of NJ. Beautiful state. Dumba55 people!


      1. I wouldn’t say that to them I am just really upset and thought I could voice my concern with like minded people


  4. No horse is safe in NJ. This was outlawed years ago and it would take me days to find the statute. It is not covered by NJ Animal cruelty laws which are so weak that cruelty to ‘Livestock’ which horses are classified as, is considered a ‘Disorderly Person’s’ offence and the fine is a whopping $250.00.



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