Horse Racing chronicler Ray Paulick

Paulick highlights petition to have Star Plus retired

Horse Racing chronicler Ray Paulick
Horse Racing chronicler Ray Paulick

Horse racing chronicler Ray Paulick of the Paulick Report today highlights a petition to have Star Plus retired, truly retired.

Paulick posts the following:

A group of people “who care about Star Plus” has started an online petition to have the horse retired. This petition was not launched by the Paulick Report but was created in response to the Paulick Report’s recent story about Star Plus, a nine-year-old horse that has lost his last four races by a total of 123 lengths. Star Plus is racing despite efforts by his previous owner, Earle I. Mack, to ensure that the horse was permanently retired following his sale to an owner who indicated Star Plus was needed for a small breeding operation.

But Star Plus has since been racing in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. The petition is directed at Jon Amores, Executive Director of the West Virginia Racing Commission, Corinne Sweeney, chairman of the Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission and George Iacovacci, the current trainer/owner of Star Plus.

Click here to read/sign the Petition >>

Update: I just read, signed and commented. Will you join me? Thank you. ~ Vivian

3 thoughts on “Paulick highlights petition to have Star Plus retired”

  1. As a former TB owner, I made took the monetary loss to make sure mine was safe. Do what it takes to protect this horse. Everything else offered a reason to continue using this horse is just another excuse. If you care, you do what is right for the horse and you make sure you follow up. That is the least anyone can do after his years of work. In no way, should any horse end up unprotected as long as slaughter exists. Any honest, caring owner protects the horse first. Get a good attorney, get the paperwork done and makes sure he is checked on after that. That is the owner’s responsibility and no one else’s. That it comes to this is pathetic. The excuses are disgusting. Why do we think Old Friends exists? This is why.


  2. Signed the petition, along with this comment: “Star Plus should be gelded and retired to either a sanctuary or a rescue and retraining facility. I bet if he’s rested, rehabbed, and found to be sound, he’d make a wonderful light pleasure and/or driving horse. He should go to a “forever” home where he’ll never be abused again, and live out his life as a treasured companion. The current owner could even have him appraised and take a tax deduction for donating him to a rescue. It’s the right thing to do, so stop fighting and just do it!


  3. Petition signed.

    This is yet more disturbing abuse by the sinister side of the horse racing industry.

    When will justice ever be realized for these magnificent creatures? It is long past time for a governing body to regulate this out-of-control syndicate predicated on greed and exploitation of the horse.


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