Captured Mustangs nuzzle for comfort. Image / Elyse Gardner.

Wild horse allies: BLM panel stacked against them

Via the Associated Press

Scott Sonner writes:

Captured Mustangs nuzzle for comfort. Image / Elyse Gardner.
Mustangs rounded up and imprisoned by the BLM nuzzle for comfort. Image / Elyse Gardner.
    RENO, Nev. – (Feb. 12, 2012) Wild horse protection advocates are accusing the federal Bureau of Land Management of stacking a public advisory board with friends of cattle ranchers at the expense of mustangs, and warning that the panel is increasingly sympathetic to the idea of slaughtering excess animals in overpopulated herds on U.S. lands in the West.

    BLM officials deny the charges and are fighting back in uncharacteristically strong terms, saying the activists are resorting to dishonest scare tactics to help push their “anti-management agenda by any means possible.”

    “Their apocalypse-now, sky-is-falling rhetoric is flagrantly dishonest and is clearly aimed at preventing the BLM from gathering horses from overpopulated herds on the range,” BLM spokesman Tom Gorey said in an interview with The Associated Press. “The BLM is not ‘managing for extinction.’ There is no conspiracy to put down healthy horses that are in off-the-range holding facilities.”

Further along in the AP article is a quote from Callie Hendrickson, whose appointment has raised the grave concerns expressed by wild horse advocates.

Hendrickson told the AP she was “open” to other options, but not to leaving excess horses on the range. “The rangeland cannot sustain such large numbers,” she said.

Insofar as we can see, the only wild horses being sustained in “such large numbers” are in federally maintained long-term holding facilities. There are no accurate numbers either of how many actually remain in Herd Management Areas, or in BLM prison camps due to the agency’s lack of transparency, and as many suggest, the fudging of data to support its wild horse and burro eradication agenda.

How can this, and the recent appointment of Hendrickson, be viewed any other way?

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5 thoughts on “Wild horse allies: BLM panel stacked against them”

  1. The BLM is simply doing what the thug Mustangers did back in the late-’60’s; they’re ramping up the captures to try and pull as many horses and burros off the range before they are exposed for the anti-wild horse and burro thugs that they clearly are and the captures are halted, the BLM is restructured, and we (the taxpayers) once and for all can quit paying through the nose for this portion of the cattle industry (the Open Range western states ranchers) who really don’t produce enough beef in the US to benefit anyone other than themselves with money in the bank (or offshore accounts!).
    The whole Open Range-thing is an entirely antiquated program that was started before we had 65+ mph highways where people cruising along after dark have no chance to stop if cattle are crossing the highway, or even lying down on the asphalt to catch the day’s heat when it gets below freezing in the winter. It’s a total safety hazard for motorists, but there are no consequences for the ranchers as there would be if one of my horses, or my pet steer, got loose and got hit on the highway. I’d be ruined financially from that lawsuit, but these mostly corporate entities walk away scott free from any liability.
    Simply put, do away with the Open Range cattle ranchers, or have them start paying out of their own pockets entirely to run their own businesses instead of sucking off the taxpayers tit, and a large portion of the so-called “problem” would be solved because many of them would be out of business if they weren’t collecting millions upon millions of dollars in subsidies the American taxpaying public is forced to pay.
    I’d be embarrassed to be collecting (stealing) from the American taxpaying public if I were also whining and complaining constantly about the wild horses and burros and trying to eradicate them all. I for one wouldn’t mind paying some money to them, but in return, they need to lay-off their assault on the horses and burros.
    If they can’t learn to control themselves, we taxpayers who are also wild horse and burro lovers, will make darn sure they are the ones eliminated off the range. They just need to decide which choice to make, because its up to them whether they stay in business or not.


    1. The new name should be BLM, the ” m” is for morons. They think we are ganging up on them? Guess What…
      “We are as Mad as HELL, and we are Not going to take it anymore!”


  2. Corrupt lieing eventually leads to starting to believe their own LIES………………………. I want to have a independent agency do a correct count of all our Mustangs in Holding !!!!!!!!! I want them to be also viewed for their condition of them also……….Can we as a whole demand this be done…………………. Stacking the deck on the deck for slaughter is more proof of LIES DECEPTION …………………………..With 80% of America against horse Slaughter need there be anything else said ???? Then people have SPOKEN…………………………………..


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