Steel Pier Diving Horse Vintage Postcard

Atlantic City horse diving revival scrapped after protests

Steel Pier Diving Horse Vintage Postcard
Anthony Catanoso, owner of the Steel Pier amusement park, has scrapped plans for a comeback of the legendary Jersey Shore high-diving horses attraction.

Good news for horses. We love to report good news.


NEW YORK, Feb 15 (Reuters) – What happened in Atlantic City’s past should stay in Atlantic City’s past– especially if it involves high-diving horses.

That was the decision made by Anthony Catanoso, owner of the Steel Pier amusement park, who scrapped plans for a comeback of the legendary Jersey Shore high-diving horses attraction in response to the cries of outraged animal rights advocates.

Catanoso said he was reacting to mounting protests over the stunt in which a horse climbs to the top of a 40-foot tall platform which tips, plunging the animal and its rider into a 12-foot deep water tank.

“We’ll honor the memories of the past in another way,” Catanoso told Reuters.

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While animal advocacy groups should always be applauded for a job well done, there was actually an overwhelming negative reaction from the general public against bringing back the high diving horse act. Of course, animal activists should be congratulated for all the hard work they do educating people on bad and abusive animal practices.

Most of all, we are very grateful to Anthony Catanoso for responding in such a gallant manner, and scrapping the plans for the high diving horse act. There are so many ways to entertain people that do not involve subjecting animals to these types of practices.

9 thoughts on “Atlantic City horse diving revival scrapped after protests”

  1. Thank you for listening to what the hearts of animal-enthusiasts the world over had to say, Mr. Catanoso. Perhaps it would thrill your visitors to have the magnificent “Cavalia” presentation visit for a couple of weeks – I’m sure they would be honoured to partner with you in celebrating the relationship between human and horses.
    Once again, thank you, and have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Why can’t you do legal research on a laptop? Many in the business world, myself included, do not have bench tops but rather use our laptops as our main computer with monitors hooked up for work etc. but portable as when you travel you simply un-dock it. I don;t get what you are implying.

    Probably a dumb question, eh?


    1. Sorry but research is research….laptop or whatever. PubMed is out there along with a wealth of peer=-eviewed scientific or otherwise scholarly articles.


    2. I am unable to sit very long at a computer of any type as I have osteoarthritis in my Lumbar spine. I was assaulted and robbed in 2002. The guy pushed me so hard I fractured 3 vertebrates in my Lumbar spine and one in my neck. I now have ‘degenerating disc syndrome’ and since I do not have health insurance I can’t get a very risky surgery where a steel rod is placed in your spine. I have a friend who had this done and he was in agony after the surgery. He got addicted to pain killers, but when he got off those he was fine. I do not take drugs other than aspirin. Yoga can help, but at this advanced stage of degeneration, it really doesn’t help much.

      Thanks Jane, your research is awesome. Do you know Ellen Parker? She has made a life’s work out of researching the pedigrees of Thoroughbred mares. It is absolutely fascinating.



  3. Thank Heavens! This was banned by Law in the 1960s but I am not able to do legal research on a laptop computer. If you call the state, they want you to pay for the research. Another reason the State of NJ stinks.



  4. Happy dance and tears , What great news , really their is no one who would really want to see this , its shows these officials are starting to think, the thought of them doing this is mind boggling to say the least !!!


  5. God Bless Anthony Catanoso. I feel the Lord’s hand in this. This story will do a lot to make people think twice about all such cruel entertainment sports.

    Animals can do lots of things, and there are animal stars — but the beauty of the animal shows is when you see the talents, abilities and ego of the animals shine throught, not the cruel result of human manipulation for profit.


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