Slaughterbound Horse at the Mexican Border. AA Photo.

Horses injured in Tennessee trailer crash rejected at Mexican slaughterhouse

The story of the horses who were injured in a trailer crash in Tennessee this past January went viral, and so later did the stories of where the horses ended up. Three were euthanized due to the injuries they sustained. The remaining horses were later reloaded and continued on their journey to Texas.

We did our best to track them, hoping to intervene on their behalf. It was not to be. The driver must have traveled through the night, without stopping, to reach the horses’ grisly and final destination. Our investigator told us there was only one conclusion to reach. The decision made to take the remaining horses directly to a Mexican slaughterhouse bypassing the feedlot. Based on what he saw and heard, it was his opinion that it was handled in such a way to avoid any further adverse publicity and the horses’ rescue.

About the same time, different accounts began popping up on Facebook of what happened to at least some of these horses, saying they were in various states across the country. Since our investigator was going on hearsay, and not able to document that the horses were slaughtered in Mexico at that time, we were unable to contradict these false reports.

NBC station WSMV, Channel 4 Nashville, who followed this story from the start reports:

New documents uncovered by the Channel 4 I-Team indicate that in January, several horses from Three Angels Farm in Lebanon were so badly injured that they were not allowed to enter Mexico, where they were expected to be sold to a meat-packing company.

Mexican documents show that four injured horses from Three Angels Farm were rejected by Mexican veterinarians at the border, just two days after a Three Angels Farm trailer wrecked on the interstate in Tennessee.

The records show that three horses that arrived on Jan. 18 had injuries to their legs and a fourth had an eye injury. It’s not clear where the horses went after they were refused entrance into Mexico.

The night of the wreck, reporters were told that three horses had to be euthanized and one had a slight injury. The owner of Three Angels Farm, Dorian Ayache, told reporters that the surviving horses were headed to a farm in Oklahoma after the accident.

However, documents on file in Mexico show 34 horses were sold in Mexico to Inter Meats, an exporter that frequently ships horse meat to Belgium. According to an invoice, Ayache sold the horses for 37 cents a pound, for a total of $11,100.

Ayache declined to talk to Channel 4 about the shipment.

From what we understand, horses rejected for slaughter at the Mexican border are simply abandoned. So the horses who endured this horrific crash, then made a painful journey with no food or water to Mexico, have mostly likely died of starvation and dehydradation by now.

For anyone who thinks that their country can slaughter horses better, that it is more humane in some countries than others, wake up to the facts.

This story began with a killer buyer in the U.S. and ended in Mexico. It would have been no better if these tragic horses had been driven across the country and butchered on U.S. soil. What happened in this heartbreaking story is an example of what horse slaughter is all about, and can take place anywhere.

We are grateful to Fugly Horse of the Day who updated us on this story. They have a great analysis of these events, and we recommend you read it. It is entitled fittingly “Lucifer was an angel“.

22 thoughts on “Horses injured in Tennessee trailer crash rejected at Mexican slaughterhouse”

  1. Peggy
    I have followed this story from the beginning and worked with the news caster, Dorian
    Ayache is a low life slime ball interested in money only and could care less about how anyone feels. One day he will get whats coming to him. He is an ignorant piece of dirt not worthy of being called a human being. But, It hit me one evening what about the people who are selling these horses they are gulity for allowing someone like Dorian to get the horses to take to be killed. Does anyone think about being responsible owners and not allow their 4-legged friends to get to the selling point. “BE RESPONSIBLE” and love your animals, don’t just sell them we all know what happens NEXT! My horses came from a sale where someone wanted to get rid of them now they will live with me till
    their life ends the natural way not on someone’s dinner table EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. It is my understanding from FB posts Angel Acres has another truckload of horses heading toward Presidio, TX as I am writing this. Right now.


    1. This is what these people do, and will keep doing, until horse slaughter and export for slaughter is made illegal. It is no good following what the horse killers are doing. That is not going to stop them. And there are only so many horses you can potentially intercept and rescue. Take action; write to your legislators. Demand they pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. and If everyone took action, all of this cruelty would have ended long ago.


      1. A few weeks ago I got a call from a gal who had rescued a Morgan/Saddlebred Mare from New Holland. I told her to hang on to her for two days so I could speak to the woman I board my rescue horses with. Well, she did not wait and I called her back and left several messages. I see on Facebook that Christy Sheidy has her listed on Broker Owned Horses. I emailed Christy right away but it was too late. That gal is a VET student at the University of Colorado. She had two other horses and she no longer wanted the Morgan/Saddlebred Mare. She wanted to volunteer at the farm where I board the horses. I am not allowed volunteers as the owners of the farm do not carry Liability Insurance for Volunteers. Even if a waiver is signed, they can still be sued. That gal is going straight to an extremely cold place (the center of Hell is Ice according to ‘Dante’) for eternity. I did all I could to save that mare, but it all happened too fast. Not that I think four days is too fast, but it was. I am left feeling horrible for that poor mare. A part of me dies a little bit when stuff like this happens.



  3. So, 38 horses were on the overturned trailer here in Nashville and 4 were injured and 3 of the 4 were euthanized here so supposedly 35 traveled on to Mexico and at the boarder 34 were accepted and 4 were rejected and that equals 38 horses continued to travel to Mexico and no horses were euthanized here due to injuries—-wtf???? There were Dept of Ag folks and vets at the scene and they let the injured horses go on?


  4. Every Day we are being handed info needed for our fight against this on a slver platter and it all sould accumulitive be used in the fight to end slaughter for consumption, are the people in these Countries aware of the dahger they are in by consuming this meat ??


  5. As usual, Amanda, you questions are legitimate, only everyone of the entities in charge ignores them. The rules are the rules. 90 hold requirement, paperwork that substantiates the ownership and control of the horse for the past required period, no medicines used that are banned in animals for human consumption , and on and on… But the vet on duty at the Mexican border resents inquires into his performance of his job, and admits that he just rubber stamps papers without ever matching a paper to a horse. It is a dismal, crooked business with deception and, I suspect, payoffs at every turn. I believe that our only hope is to out-law the bloody business for our horses here and abroad. Let’s use the bad press, and insist on the positive votes in the House and the Senate this year.


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