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Why we must end the use of pregnant mare’s urine in drugs

USDA Image PMU Horses

Every year, doctors prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) — also referred to as menopausal hormone therapy — to hundreds of thousands of women experiencing menopausal symptoms. One of the most widely prescribed drugs for HRT is made from animal waste. The drug is Premarin, an estrogen-therapy drug manufactured by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (now a division of Pfizer), which also produces Prempro. It also has a highly similar drug, Aprela awaiting FDA approval.

These drugs contain conjugated equine estrogen (CEE) made from horse urine, specifically pregnant mare’s urine. Not only has this form of HRT proved dangerous to humans, but also the horses kept confined, pregnant and milked for their urine. So many of their foals, taken away once they are weaned or nearly weaned, often end their young days in the slaughterhouse.


“We are not spiritually unconnected from the drugs we take, or the pain and suffering that goes into their making.”



“Sadly, my father’s contribution to medical science resulted in a prescription for animal cruelty. I encourage woman of all ages to learn more about Premarin and its many alternatives.”

— RON WILSON, son of the doctor who started the estrogen revolution.


“We crush ’em and recycle ’em . . . just like aluminum cans.”

— PAT HOUDE, kill buyer and equine feed lot manager, regarding Premarin foals and mares.

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16 thoughts on “Why we must end the use of pregnant mare’s urine in drugs”

  1. This is the impression they want to give. Although farms in North America have been closing, sales have continued at the same or higher rate. They have simply moved the farms overseas. Out of sight; out of mind. But we will not forget these horses or this issue.


    1. They will continue in Canada forever. There is a never ending supply of mares to be bred. The Canadians must put a stop to this as they are hands down the largest supplier. Then we have to worry about Puerto Rico where many American developed drugs are manufactured. There is nothing from stopping Phizer to simply move the entire operation off shore. This is why women have to stop being weak and fail to investigate homeopathic remedies. My mother says it is a cultural thing, the Germans prefer suppositories to pills, Americans want pills and nothing else.



  2. This is terrible! I had been under the impression premarin had been done away with, and the farms shut down? Now wondering where the heck I got that from. And we wonder why there is a horse over-population problem. By all means, let’s slaughter innocent foals so hormonal women don’t have to sweat at night. Somebody should start a petition against this!


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