Horse lovers ask physicians not to prescribe the Premarin® family of drugs

Horse lovers around the world are banding together asking physicians not to prescribe the Premarin® family of drugs to their patients.

March for PMU Horses, a month of intensified campaigning initiated by the Int’l Fund for Horses on behalf of the mares and foals exploited for the production of Premarin®, Prempro® and a similar drug awaiting FDA approval called Aprela, kicks off with a letter to doctors stating why they should refuse to write these tickets for equine cruelty.

Describing what life is like for the pregnant mares who are milked for their estrogen rich urine, the letter states:

Life for the PMU mares is harsh.

The mares are repeatedly impregnated, on average of 12 years, and spend 6 months of their 11-month pregnancy confined to stalls so small they have difficulty turning around or lying down. Most of this time is spent standing up on cold concrete floors.

During this time they are permanently attached to cumbersome rubber urine collection bags hanging between their hind legs that chafe their flanks, cause infections and severely limit movement.

Water intake is routinely restricted to concentrate the amount of estrogen in their urine potentially causing life-threatening renal and liver disorders.

Three rescued PMU Foals. Photo by Vivian Grant Farrell.
Three rescued PMU Foals. Photo by Vivian Grant Farrell.

What about all of the tens of thousands of foals produced? What happens to them?

The fate of the foals – the “by-products” of the industry – and the mares who cannot conceive is bleak. Most are sold at auction to “kill buyers” and ultimately end up at the slaughterhouse where they will be improperly stunned, dismembered, butchered and their meat sold for human consumption in countries where they have an appetite for it.

The letter also outlines the potentially harmful implications for women who take Premarin® or Prempro®, and/or use the cream.

To take part, print and send the Int’l Fund for Horses Dear Physician Letter 3 pp (with or without a personal cover letter from you) to your doctor today.


Note: If Premarin® or Prempro® are sold under a different name in your country — which is sometimes the case — please write us at and we will tailor the letter to your use. Thank you.


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2 thoughts on “Horse lovers ask physicians not to prescribe the Premarin® family of drugs”

  1. I will be passing this along to other women. Handouts like this really save time and help with this effort. Anything like this is very helpful to those of us with little time and who are trying to spread advocacy efforts to a larger group of contacts. A file of templates re these issues would be very helpful as a resource. Factual, unemotional, informative anti-slaughter flyers and brochures in an easily printable format would be helpful in this cause.


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