Byproduct foals from Premarin industry in slaughter feedlot.

Trace the history of Premarin with this revealing timeline

2009: Another report is published by WHI investigators regarding the “timing hypothesis” of HRT. Advocates suggest that if HRT is started within six years of the menopause transition, the favorable estrogen environment of pre-menopause can be sustained and may improve cardiovascular status. The results of the study and the WHI data clearly refute this hypothesis.

Pfizer acquires Wyeth to become the largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

Court documents reveal that Wyeth paid ghostwriters to produce 26 papers backing the use and safety of HRT suggesting that the hidden agenda of Big Pharma and its manipulation of medical literature and promotion of questionable medications are more wide-spread than once believed.

Despite the controversy and factual evidence of the risks of HRT, Pfizer affirms confidence in its HRT drugs and maintains the coverage of these drugs is misleading and heavily weighted in favor of selective literature that condemns their use.

2010: Further studies indicate higher risks of asthma, lung cancer, malignant melanoma, and reduced insulin resistance associated with HRT.

Since 1976, Wyeth (now a Division of Pfizer) have been fighting on-going lawsuits related to the use of their Premarin® family of drugs. This number is estimated to be as many as 5000 cases primarily related to the incidence of breast cancer.

Pfizer’s/Wyeth’s estimated sales figures suggest that Aprela will be available on the market in 2011.

Pfizer Q4 2009 earnings from Biopharmaceutical were $14.6 billion, an increase of 30% compared with $11.2 billion in the year-ago quarter. Operationally, revenues increased $2.9 billion, or 26%, of which $2.5 billion, or 22%, was attributable to legacy Wyeth products, primarily Premarin® in the Primary Care unit.

Pfizer/Wyeth’s projected sales for their HRT therapies (Premarin®, Aprela®) to exceed one billion USD by 2015.

Pfizer Inc. re-affirms confidence in its (Wyeth) hormone therapy medicines (Premarin®) as important treatment options for symptoms of menopause and osteoporosis.

Hormone replacement therapy makes a comeback in New York Times magazine article called “The Estrogen Dilemma”. One of the authors, Cynthia Gorney, spins a poignant tale about a psycho-socio-hormonal-spiritual breakdown that led her to hormone discipleship in midlife. Turns out that Gorney’s “sources” are the Wyeth funded Roberta Diaz Brinton, Thomas Clarkson-who worked with the Wyeth ghostwriting firm, DesignWrite-and Louann Brizendine and Claudio N. Soares who have served as actual paid Wyeth speakers.

Pfizer Inc. announces closure of eight manufacturing plants, decreased production at six others and 6,000 job cuts since acquiring rival drug maker Wyeth. Plans are to cease operations at several plants in Ireland, Puerto Rico, Germany, Britain and the United States by late 2015. Pfizer manufactures three former Wyeth hormone-based medications in Rouses Point: Premarin®, Premarin® Vaginal Cream and Prempro® which will close in 2011. Manufacturing responsibility for these products is expected to be mostly shifted to other Pfizer sites once the company permanently pulls out.

Due to increased risks of stroke and thromboembolic events, the FDA delays the approval of Bazedoxifene (Viviant®), the osteoporosis component of Aprela®. Once slated for release in 2011, Aprela is now subject to delay as well (possibly 2012 or later).

Giant drug manufacturer Wyeth, a division of Pfizer, announces their intention to downsize the PMU industry through the cancellation of ranch contracts that will see their numbers dwindle from the current 64 to as few as 25. Herein lies a conundrum based on their projected sales for Premarin® and Aprela® of more than 1 billion USD by 2015.

Pfizer, the world’s largest drug maker, announces the withdrawal of its new drug application (NDA) for Fablyn® a selective estrogen receptor modulator (“SERM”) for the treatment of both osteoporosis and selected consequences of menopause. As with other SERMs, Fablyn® has been shown to have significant side-effects which contraindicate widespread use. Of note is that Viviant®, the osteoporosis component of Aprela® , is also a SERM.

The apparent ambiguity of the relationship of the decrease in North American PMU industry and projected sales of Premarin® and Aprela® is solved. According to an article in The Western Producer; “Wyeth plans to ramp up production of PMU facilities in China, Kazakhstan and Poland, out of the scrutiny of North American values. The byproduct of meat foals has a lucrative market, while Wyeth can continue to make statements relating to supply and demand to justify price of HRT”.

2011: Pfizer/Wyeth continues to promote the use of their controversial Premarin® family of drugs.

According to the new theory developed as a result of Wyeth-linked research, women shouldn’t take less hormones but rather more and start taking them at an earlier age. Unfortunately for Pfizer past research found that women with the greatest risk of breast cancer from hormones are those who took them the earliest — before or soon after menopause. In other words, women who observed the timing theory. Oops.

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals sponsors a teleconference on solutions to the “unwanted horse” problem featuring Tom Lenz following the release of the GAO slaughter report. Lenz is the Senior Director, Equine Veterinary Services, at Pfizer Animal Health and acknowledged pro-horse slaughter advocate. Pfizer’s affiliation with the most powerful equine organizations in North America leverages their position in terms of horse slaughter and the “unwanted horse’ – a “humane” alternative by their standards.

Pfizer continues to be at the centre of the slaughter debate through its on-going sponsorship of pro-slaughter organizations such as the AQHA, AAEP, AVMA, UHC, UOH, NAERIC and AHC to name a few.

An extended WHI study carried out at the University of Buffalo shows that conjugated equine estrogen based HRT interferes with the detection of breast cancer leading to cancers being diagnosed at a more advanced stage and tended to have more involvement with the lymph nodes which generally indicates a poorer prognosis. Not only were the women taking the combination of estrogen and progestin more likely to die from breast cancer, but they were also more likely to die from other causes than women who did not take the hormones.

The Buffalo study also found that estrogen therapy is associated with a significant increase in risk of kidney stones regardless of age, ethnicity, body mass index, prior hormone therapy use, or use of coffee or thiazide diuretics.

As of December 31, 2011, Pfizer and its affiliated companies had settled, or entered into definitive agreements or agreements−in−principle to settle, approximately 52% of the hormone−replacement therapy actions pending against them and affiliated companies.

Recorded aggregate charges with respect to these actions were $336 million in 2011 and $300 million in prior years. In addition, Pfizer recorded a charge of $359 million in 2011 that provides for the minimum expected costs to resolve all remaining hormone−replacement therapy actions.

  • January: A Puerto Rican jury has awarded $1.5 million in compensation to a woman who claimed that she developed breast cancer from Prempro® HRT.
  • February: A Pennsylvania appeals court has upheld a jury award of more than $10 million in a Prempro® breast cancer lawsuit, reversing a lower court’s ruling that overturned the award of compensatory and punitive damages in the case.
  • June: Pfizer will have to pay $58 million to three women who previously won a Prempro® breast cancer lawsuit against the company’s Wyeth unit, after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to entertain an appeal by the company.
  • October: About 150 HRT lawsuits pending in New Jersey state court may be in jeopardy after an appeals court upheld the dismissal of claims that the manufacturers of Prempro®, Provera® and Premarin® failed to adequately warn consumers about the risk of breast cancer and misled federal regulators
  • December: A Philadelphia jury hit Pfizer with a $72.6 million verdict in a Prempro® lawsuit brought by three women who alleged that they developed breast cancer after taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) drugs. In addition to the compensatory damages award, Pfizer could face punitive damages of many times that amount depending on the further deliberations of the jury.

The FDA has yet to approve Aprela® or Viviant® (i.e. bazedoxifene) although the approval and sales of bazedoxifene under different trade names is advancing rapidly in other parts of the world.

There is still speculation as to the downsizing of the PMU farms in North America and Pfizer/Wyeth’s ability to produce adequate quantities of pregnant mare’s urine necessary for current and projected sales of the Premarin® family of drugs. Relocation of these facilities to other parts of the world such as China for example seems a plausible and valid assumption.

Compiled by Jane Allin

© Int’l Fund for Horses

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13 thoughts on “Trace the history of Premarin with this revealing timeline”

  1. I wonder if the men would be so excited about using Premarin cream if required to apply it to their “manhood”? And what about having intercourse with women who use it? Any risks?


    1. Men are far too vain. They can always make babies, and women cannot. That is the ONLY thing they have over us! Their seemingly unlimited ability to procreate. Of course there have been no studies on men to see if HRT is damaging to them. They ban them when they use HRT in sports! And that is all.



    2. It is a dichotomist (probably not a word but aptly descriptive) world and one that seems never to go away. Despite the advances women have managed to secure in this male dominated existence as we know it, we are still observed as the lower of the species it seems.

      This whole HRT related “medicine/voodoo science” thing continues to plague us. I continue to ask why women still support this. Is it ignorance? Manipulation by an out-of-control male dominance syndrome afflicting the female psyche? Insecurities imposed by false beliefs and societal pressure? Vanity? Or just plain stupidity?


      Wake up and smell the coffee. Life is more important than preserving youth and beauty. Grow old with dignity for God;s sake. Relief of menopausal symptoms does not require horse pee; cancer and death, there are effective natural alternatives.

      Sorry to vent but really……


      1. Absolutely, Jane. It defies logic AND decency, not only because it takes a simple (well, sometimes maybe NOT so simple) biological function and first renders it a ‘disease’ or ‘disorder’, then veers off into the ridiculous (really: feeding decomposed and hydrated horse’s urine into a human body. This just makes my eyes cross…). It has been proven beyond a doubt, over and over again, that this ‘treatment’ KILLS – women AND mares AND foals. I cannot tell you how large the can of Whoop Ass that would be unleashed upon the hapless practitioner who prescribed this noxious potion to one of MY daughters.

        Don’t medical practitioners have to recite that pithy little phrase upon completion of their transition into society? Something about “First, Do No Harm”? Maybe there’s a little adendum or amendment in the fine print which makes exceptions for women in ratio to pharmaceutical companies…

        When my time comes, and if I’m allowed to stand before the Creator, I’m gonna ask – with all the blessings laid upon and within the female of our species, what the hell is up with pre-menstrual syndrome and menopause??? (Though I’m in no hurry for the answer.)


      2. It was not that long ago that women were totally perceived as man’s property to do with what he would. Hence marital law is based on property law; it has absolutely nothing to do with love, romance or any of the issues one first thinks of when two people unite for life.

        Insofar as the drugs and menopausal symptoms, people in our society have become pampered to the point they expect to have no physical discomforts and look to a pill to relieve them of it. They care little where it comes from. Most also seem oblivious to the fact that the side effects they can experience from far too many of these medications are often far worse than what they are taking them to treat!


        1. There are some states that still have this law on the books! They never removed it, and we STILL do not have EQUAL RIGHTS!

          It is moronic.



    1. My mother is a BSN and she is retired. She STILL glorifies doctors of any kind. We do not argue about HRT she knows where it comes from, and that it is a form of femicide. Years ago, when all doctors were men, the Nurses were fearful of standing up to them, however, that is no longer the case. My younger sister stroked at the age of 35. She has had several brain surgeries, surgery on her right arm and leg, and the surgeon who performed her hand surgery should have been sued as the hand was casted incorrectly and the hand is in the form of a claw.

      Beth and I wanted to go after this guy as he made her worse. Mom said no. I told my mother we had all the evidence we needed for a Malpractice Lawsuit and that Beth has some cash and she could sue for damages and court and attorney fees. Mother was concerned about his family! It is impossible to argue with her. BTW, my sister got her BSN at Johns-Hopkins and was going for her Masters at the University of PA when she had her stroke, so she knows more about Nursing than my mother does.

      Historically, men have sublimated their fear of females by calling us crazy, sending us to Asylums, and all the rest. Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote a book entitled ‘Herland’ in the early 1930’s. I was amazed that she got the book published. I have a copy but I think it is now out of print. ‘Herland’ basically bashes the Male gender and these women live very happily without men.

      There are MORE women on the Planet than there are men. Do you know that we still do not have ‘Equal Rights’? That Amendment failed in the early 1970’s. I say it is time to bring it back.



    1. I have a deep respect for your website, Vivian. I find – when the urge to comment on articles of this nature is upon me – more often than not, I have to edit and re-edit for content, victimizing my poor, dear keyboard (from the pounding of my outraged fingers) in the process and straining my frazzled little brain to find suitable adjectives in lieu of liberal applications of filth.


      1. We feel your outrage Lisa on the way some people perceive animals, in our case horses, and what they feel is their right to do with them. The disrespect is enormous and the only way out of it is to influence their thinking for the better if we can.


  2. Got an idea: For all those ‘physicians’ who prescribe HRT, a challenge: You First. Find me a male doctor willing to take this crap or rub it into HIS skin (or for that matter, a woman) then we’ll see about ‘efficacy’.
    Or how’s about this? All those corporate pirates, skittering around expending so much time, effort, money and power to justify this junk? Let THEM enjoy a protracted course, and reap the ‘benefits’.
    Another idea: Let’s see how we can go about informing the other women we occupy this planet with and letting THEM know what a huge corporate crock o’ crap Wy-Zer Pharmaceuticals is.
    How morally corrupt and ethically bereft does a group of people have to be to knowingly perpetuate the deaths of 10’s of thousands of women, mares and their offspring under the guise of ‘better’? Billions in profits? ARGHHH. It stuns the sensibilities, doesn’t it?


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