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Premarin regrets revisited

Just a little over two years ago, we published a post entitled “Premarin Regrets.”

Feminine Forever Book Cover

The article is written by Ron Wilson, son of Dr. Robert A. Wilson who wrote the popular book “Feminine Forever” which became a springboard for the sale of the idea of menopause as a disease and its remedy Premarin®.

In a statement from the article, Mr Wilson says:

Sadly, my father’s contribution to medical science resulted in a prescription for animal cruelty. I encourage woman of all ages to learn more about Premarin® and its many alternatives.

That is what we will be doing during our March for PMU Horses campaign: learning about Premarin®, and its many alternatives.

But that is not all. There will be action alerts, such as our Letter to Physicians (pdf, 3pp) that all you need do is print and mail, as is, to your doctor. Or as one enterprising supporter suggested, to all of the OB/GYNs listed in your area phone book. Have you sent yours? We hope so, because there is more to do coming your way.

We also have investigations underway that will soon yield some momentous results, so stay with us and watch for breaking news right here on Tuesday’s Horse.

Please do take a few moments to read “Premarin Regrets“, and share it far and wide.

Thank you for being a part of our great team. We will not forget the Premarin mares and foals exploited to make these vicious drugs.

Thank you.

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1 thought on “Premarin regrets revisited”

  1. The more education we can provide, the more women will revolt and stop buying these premarin products! Keep up the good work! Sharing, everywhere!


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