Horse Slaughter Poster by Vivian Grant Farrell

Missouri horse slaughter plant meeting closed to media

MIKE PENPRASE reporting for News-Leader writes:

Horse Slaughter Poster by Vivian Grant Farrell
Horse Slaughter Poster by Vivian Grant Farrell. Free to use. Click to enlarge.

The owner of a Mountain Grove livestock auction where proponents of a horse slaughter operation plan to hold a meeting Monday [March 12th] said he doesn’t want news media on his property.

“I’ve been lambasted by the people who don’t want to see it,” Wright County Livestock Auction owner Nathan Kelly said Friday.

Kelly said news coverage of controversy surrounding a proposal by Unified Equine LLC to build a slaughterhouse between Mountain Grove and Cabool has inflamed the situation.

“I think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion,” Kelly said.

The meeting is scheduled to start at 3 p.m. in the auction barn at 9971 E. 20th St. Continue reading >>

Why close it to the media when Sue Wallis advertised it on Facebook? This is only the beginning of their woes in Missouri if they continue down this path.


Interested in going? A protest outside the grounds is being organized. People attending to protest horse slaughter are asked to bring your own signs and wear red t-shirts. The rally starts at 2 pm. Be sure to stay on the roadway so you are not trespassing on private property. Local television stations have been tipped off.

9871 East 20th Street
Mountain Grove, MO
(417) 926-4136

5 thoughts on “Missouri horse slaughter plant meeting closed to media”

  1. Great information.

    Why is the meeting on private property when the plan could destroy this town and reduce investment due to the presence of a horrific kill plant? It sounds as though the Sue Wallis circus is afraid of the citizens who live there.

    If she and her buds are confident, why not allow media? Isn’t this business legal? It has the appearance of a “business” which is unethical, just like a house of prostitution. Are they planning on not paying any taxes either? Where do the costs of this business get shifted?

    It took Kaufmann TX about 20 years to rid itself of these foreign corporations who kill our horses and rip us off. Why is Sue and her little band allowed to keep terrorizing citizens of these towns with the threat of a kill plant next door? The current residents properties would end up worthless and could not be sold if she was allowed to set up shop.

    Sounds to me as though Sue and her buds are finding the reception hostile. Cell phone photos taken during that meeting and posted on social media would be helpful since she and her band have apparently gone into hiding to do their dirty business, much like the Ag Committee did when it played games with inspection defunding language and then blamed the President for its own actions. Cute but no cigar. Few were fooled by that typical maneuver.

    The solution to start with is ending slaughter transport. Let the kill buyers and breeders deal with their own issues after that. After all, the most often killed breeds are Quarter Horses and Thorobreds. They are US bred.

    Live horses generate income. They always have and always will. There is no need to kill any horses. When we force Congress to pass the bills they have, this entire situation ends for the US.

    I hope many people attend the action. Photos would be great to post online.


  2. HUMMMM Keeping with the Plan low key sneak it right in the back door , while everyone opposed is busy complaining about no news media!!! Pretty smart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. My personal opinion is that if the media are barred Sue Wallis can make up a pack of lies about what happened in the meeting more easily. If nothing else, she is highly skilled at lying. Or does she believe what she says is true, and simply delusional?


      1. I truly believe the woman is a bonafide sociopath. This is not name calling, or an assault on her character. She wants what she wants and she will lie, cheat, steal or anything else she has to do to get it. She craves attention and shuns it at the same time. To refuse media coverage of that meeting was a violation of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights ‘Freedom of Speech’ clause. The Journalists could sue her and they would easily prevail. You don’t mess around with the US Constitution even if you are the 9th Circuit Court in California. Laura Leigh prevailed as the Appellate Court was way over the line the first time.



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