Caleb's Posse winning at Aqueduct.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo makes inquiry into racehorse deaths at Aqueduct

Caleb's Posse winning at Aqueduct.

In a letter to the New York Racing Association, New York governor Andrew Cuomo calls for the organization to hire an independent investigator to look into the deaths of 16 horses [UPDATE: The number has risen to 20] since racing began on the inner-dirt track November 30th of last year. The number includes a horse who was euthanized Wednesday after injuring her right front leg.

JERRY BOSSERT, reporting for the New York Daily News writes:

    “The State and NYRA need to develop best in class procedures to insure against needless injuries to horses and to riders,” read a letter Cuomo sent to NYRA President Charles Hayward Wednesday. “By this letter, we are advising NYRA to hire a qualified independent investigator or team of investigators to review the circumstances involving these breakdowns, analyze the causes, and recommend any necessary action to (limit) equine breakdowns at NYRA faciliites.”

    The letter advised that NYRA should assume the costs of the investigation.

    While NYRA claims the inner-dirt track is safe, they are moving racing to the main track on March 21, two weeks earlier than scheduled, a move that didn’t come in time for Hillsboro Bay, who was taken off the inner-dirt track after Wednesday’s finale in the equine ambulance after injuring her right front leg. She was later euthanized.

    “This pattern of equine loss should not be allowed to continue,” Cuomo’s letter said.

    Cuomo’s letter acknowledged the inherent risks in racing, but said those risks should not be an “excuse for our inaction.”

    NYRA responded to Cuomo’s letter by telling the Daily News that it “will cooperate with the requests made in the letter, and make a recommendation to the Racing and Wagering Board regarding selection of an investigator.” Read more >>

Well done Governor Cuomo, for calling for an outside investigation. That means we have at least some hope that we will not be fobbed off with unintelligible statistics taken from information volunteered for a database that typically comes out of horse racing.

The NYRA have taken admirable actions in the past to protect Thoroughbred racehorses. How disappointed we are that the Governor of the State had to call on the NYRA in this way because of the alarming number of fatalities.

5 thoughts on “NY Governor Andrew Cuomo makes inquiry into racehorse deaths at Aqueduct”

  1. These people will not stop breeding. These people will not stop racing the human equivalent of a ‘Toddler’. Why? Return on investment is paramount, and ‘Tradition’ is the other reason. Do you know why Man O’War never claimed the Triple Crown? His owner rightly believed that racing a horse at the age of two WAS TOO YOUNG. That man had a true understanding of the breed and he respected it. These breeders and trainers in the majority do NOT respect the horses. As I have said before, WE created this breed and now we are destroying it. You can forget about taking a portion of the purse to fund retirement homes. California takes a paltry .3% and Bill Heller’s ‘Ferdinand Fund’ is voluntary. I would love to see those books!



  2. Bravo Mr. Cuomo, the future of Horse acing is on the line, all involved must take Giant steps to correct all the problems the thoroughbred encounter and faces everyday, it is not fair to condemn a whole entire Industry for the few who are a disgrace most all owners , trainers love their horses and treat them very good, there is always a few who take advantage , their are many many who want this improved and are not about to allow bad treatment to the horses that is why they need to address every facet of Horse Racing……………..I have been a fan of horse racing for many years I know many owners trainers and almost all just love their horses and take very good care of them, horses are very competitive and love to run, and The Horse Racing houses and takes are of thousands of horses , where would they have gone without racing?????? There are many issues that need addressing , and most can be solved with ease, they must weed out the bad and incorporate the good…… This can be done with horse friendly rules and regulations…………………………. and put into place Hore TB retirement funded by a portion of every purse given to a fund for that……


  3. It does not take rocket science to figure out the problem…..the horses are running as two and three year old”s whose legs have not completely grown to the point they can run at these speeds.

    The racing TB is nothing more than a product that when no longer useful will be deposed.


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